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When our son was kicked out of his private elementary school, I realized I had more trust in myself than the under-financed public education system. But there were a few things I worried about: firstly, I had never finished my own early childhood education in college degree and secondly, my child had a sort of diagnosed attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) that seemed to subside whenever he played games on his personal computer. I knew that if my husband and I were going to be our son's teachers and tutors, we had to utilize his affection for technology.

At first, we tried a few store-bought products from an internet dealer. The few we purchased might have been okay for other kids, but our son was never attracted to them at all. Sometimes, he would unplug the computer itself so he could attempt to say the machine was having problems (that one never worked on us). Then, we decided to think of something similar to the disc-based options.

After looking it up on a search engine, I finally discovered Time4Learning, a website that provided internet-based programs on which kids can go through all their schooling up to eighth grade. With its mixture of appropriate lessons and core educating, there is a certain kind of entertainment value in Time4Learning that grabs the spotty focus of our son. Another benefit is that it cannot be outdated, constantly updates itself, and there's no hassling with CD's.

It's nice for us parents because the site automatically scores his work and allows us to monitor his success. Though there are few things we have to do by ourselves in order to meet up with our state requirements, it allows us to help him grow without it being a chore for him. We're still using it, as our son is not yet eleven years old. I have a feeling that through their amusing but structured lessons that he will be able to settle down more as he gets older and the classwork intensifies.

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