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Unschooling Movement

Radical Unschooling for Full Time RV Living

Unschooling movement. Sounds fierce, right? Well, what others may deem radical unschooling might be the perfect fit for your full time RV living family. Learn how to unschool your children.

As you are looking for the right homeschooling option to use while full time RV living, the unschooling movement is an option you may stumble across. Radical unschooling is quickly becoming a popular movement out there today.

The name definitely doesn't sound traditional so you may be wondering what all is involved in this method of schooling.

Before you decide whether the unschooling movement is right for you and your children, it's a good idea to fully understand what it's all about. Here is a look at some helpful information to enable you to make an informed choice.

What is Unschooling?

unschooling-movement-01; kids learning First, you may be wondering what the unschooling movement is all about.

Basically radical unschooling is a type of idea based upon the premise that kids naturally going to be curious and they'll continue learning if they have the right environment.

It also involves using the same ideas for parenting. Instead of using discipline or rules, it involves using love and support to guide children.

There are no worksheets or textbooks to be relied on when you're involved in the unschooling movement.

The idea is that you don't need to test kids, since you live and learn around with them. This option focuses on providing family based learning that is based upon experiences that go along with the interests of children.

For many, the decision to use radical unschooling is not an intentional one. They may notice that kids stop enjoying learning when they deal with tests. Others find that kids that initiate a specific topic are more likely to understand it.

When joining the unschooling movement while full time RV living, it allows kids to really enjoy the places they get to visit, allowing them to really build knowledge while enjoying the experiences found on the road.

Is Unschooling Legal?

How We Homeschool

Curious about what the Perkins use for their homeschooling curriculum? Check out this page and learn how our kids do schoolwork on the road. Time4Learning

The big question that many people have about the unschooling movement is whether unschooling is legal or not.

This is considered to be a home education method, which means that it is legal.

Keep in mind that every state is a bit different with their requirements.

Some may offer you full rights while others may require children to undergo certain tests.

As you are full time RV living, you don't really have a physical address but you can choose a home state.

Some of the states that are most friendly to families that RV include Texas, Florida, and South Dakota.

More Information on RV Domiciles

Pros and Cons of Unschooling

Before making a decision on whether the unschooling movement is the right choice for your family, it's important to look at both the pros and cons. Radical unschooling offers some great benefits, but there are disadvantages to be aware of too.

Pro #1 - Foster Lifelong Learning
One of the main pros of deciding to get involved in unschooling is to foster lifelong learning in your child. Instead of teaching kids that learning only occurs in particular places or at special times, it teaches them that they can learn any time.

Essentially the entire world turns into a classroom where they can enjoy learning.

Pro #2 - Provides Diverse Social Settings and Interaction
Another big pro of getting involved in the unschooling method is that it provides diverse social settings and interaction. It allows kids to make friends with people of every background and age.

Pro #3 - Improve Motivation and Responsibility
Last, radical unschooling may help to improve motivation and responsibility in kids as well. Kids that are taught this way are known for being very confident and they are less likely to be influenced by the media or their peers.

Con #1 - A Lot of Time and Effort is Required
One of the big cons that you may deal with when involved in the unschooling method is that it can require a lot of time and effort. You have to take time to help kids find answers and to help expose them to different things in the world.

Con #2 - Dealing with the Concerns of Others
Most people find that many people are concerned when they find out that parents will be using the unschooling method. Since many people don't understand radical unschooling in the first place, it makes it tough to help people understand what is behind this decision.

Telling the Family

unschooling-movement-02; family in car When it comes to telling family about your decision, remember why your family is concerned in the first place - they care about your kids.

It's important to find a clear and concise way that you can define the unschooling method to them.

To easily explain this type of schooling, let those who inquire know that your kids will be learning in a way that is hands on and based upon their interests.

Let them know that using money will help kids learn math, history will be explored as you visit various historical sites, and more.

Let them know that you appreciate that they are concerned but be clear about addressing all of their fears. You may even want to guide them to sites where they can learn more about this schooling option.

Unschooling Examples

The days and weeks of those using the unschooling method can really differ. Every single day is going to be different. A typical day may include checking out new locations on a map, trying out a different cuisine, or exploring historical sites. One day you may spend several hours doing research on a historical site and then spend the afternoon investigating the site. Other days you may not do as much, simply spending time learning as you drive along.

Where to Find More Resources

As the unschooling movement continues to become more popular, more and more resources are available. Check out online blogs or look at books that offer information on unschooling. Check out books such as "The Unschooling Handbook", or "The Unschooling Unmanual." Online websites are available that provide information on unschooling as well.

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