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The ultimate family vacation adventure: living and traveling full time in an RV, a perpetual road trip with kids, turning simple family camping adventures into odysseys lasting months, years, or even decades. Meet some of the RV families on the road and learn how they RV travel with kids.

Believe it or not, but we're not the only family on this ultimate family vacation adventure. We are part of the 2% of full time RVers who road trip with kids. Though we might go from campground to campground for a while without seeing more families on the road, eventually, we meet up again, and thanks to the power of the internet, we're never really that far away.

Our Family: The Perkins

ultimate-family-vacation-adventure-13; cartoon characters of full time rv family on the road We're the Perkins, Rayven, Ed, William and Sara.

Though we all contribute heavily to this website, mom (Rayven) is the one who writes it all an puts it all together.

We've been living in our RV since Spring 2004, and this is the second RV we have owned.

Currently traveling in a 2005 38' Keystone Hornet Sport Travel Trailer towed by a 2005 Ford F350 Diesel Dually.

In order to afford our RV travel with kids ultimate family vacation adventure, we own (currently) four websites that Ed and I have created, and we also teach students how to build websites at a community college. (We hooked-up the RV in one spot for a few months to get the classes going offline, before we can move them to a totally online setting.)

In addition to this website, RV Travel with Kids, we also own:
  • Stay a Stay at Home Mom
  • Information on Surrogacy

  • RV Camping Rallies for Families

    ~Cedar Creek, Texas, February 2009~

    ultimate-family-vacation-adventure-04; group picture rally february 2009 Our first RV Camping Rally was in Cedar Creek, Texas, February 2009.

    Organized by RV Travel with Kids and Families on the Road, we had a total of four families meet up for a great time!

    The Texas weather varied from dreary, cold, and rainy one day, to breezy and beautiful the next day.

    Of course, it was the potluck day that it decided to rain (go figure).

    ultimate-family-vacation-adventure-05; rv road trip with kids get together ultimate-family-vacation-adventure-10; 9 year old learning to juggle

    The kids all got along wonderfully. Of the nine children present, seven were girls!

    As you can see, it didn't bother my son, William, too much. The girls were all around the same age, which meant lots of Barbies and American Girl dolls. William had fun playing with them, learning to juggle, and playing the Wii(even if it was the princess game).

    In fact, William had the girls chasing him! Here they managed to “hog-tie” him to a tree with a scarf and torture him with tickles and kisses. Poor thing.

    ultimate-family-vacation-adventure-11; three rv kids playing on campground playground ultimate-family-vacation-adventure-12; three rv girls chasing rv boy at campground playground

    We had the kids decorate cedar fence posts put together to make family signs with everyone's name on them. Its so rare for those who are on a road trip with kids to find a place to store paints, that this was a nice (and messy) treat. The RV park we were staying in had lots of families that were stationary living in the park, so there were even more kids, and a great playground, to play with.

    ultimate-family-vacation-adventure-08; rv kids working on family signs ultimate-family-vacation-adventure-09; fulltime rv kids painting wooden name signs

    After our painting project, we had an outdoor potluck, took a tour of each other's RVs, and spend the next few days just enjoying each other's company. It felt good to be around other folks who shared the same ultimate family vacation adventure and to compare notes. Plus, the kids have found new best friends for life.

    ultimate-family-vacation-adventure-06; rv dads chatting ultimate-family-vacation-adventure-07; rv kids juggling

    I wonder where we will be in 2012?

    Other RV Families on the Road

    Yes, there are other families who road trip with kids. There are more families living the ultimate family vacation adventure, and there are families waiting to live this permanent family camping vacation lifestyle. If you are an RV family on the road and would like for your profile and website to be listed here, please contact us so that we can include you!

    Currently on the Road
    These families are on the road trip with kids ultimate family vacation adventure right now. You can read up on their journeys in their travel blog.

    ultimate-family-vacation-adventure-01; the fenns

    The Fenns
    Dave, Kelly, Nikki and Lindsay

    The Fenns are from Washington state, traveling in their Montana 5th Wheeler. They're having a great time exploring the country!

    Visit their travelblog:
    4 Fenns

    ultimate-family-vacation-adventure-03; the jennings

    The Jennings
    Jay, Wanda, Tom and Chelsea

    The Jennings are traveling from Alaska. They are learning street performing and exploring America on their terms.

    Visit their travelblog:
    Our First Year

    Wannabe on the Road
    We've all been there! When wanting to hit the road and logistically able to hit the road are at war with one another. Meet some families who are preparing for their ultimate family vacation adventure.

    ultimate-family-vacation-adventure-02; the hydes

    The Hydes
    Phil, Janis, Annie, Molly, and baby Zoe

    The Hydes are preparing for their road trip with kids hoping to leave in another year. They currently live in Texas.

    Visit their blog:

    I hope you have enjoyed reading about the other families living the ultimate family vacation adventure. If you are considering fulltime RVing, or if you are currently on a road trip with kids, please contact us so that we can get your information listed on this page.
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