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Two Medicine Dinosaur Center, Bynum, Montana

by The Perkins
(RV Travel with Kids)

Outside Two Medicine Dinosaur Center, Bynum, Montana

Outside Two Medicine Dinosaur Center, Bynum, Montana

Outside Two Medicine Dinosaur Center, Bynum, Montana Largest dinosaur ever found, Seismosaurus William and Sara by an exhibit Even the gift shop is dangerous!

The Two Medicine Dinosaur Center is located in Bynum, Montana, about halfway between Great Falls and Glacier National Park. This little museum iis a must see for several reasons. First, it is home of the largest dinosaur ever found (according to Guinness), a Seismosaurus! Now, you wouldn't think that by looking at the building. It just doesn't seem big enough to hold a giant dino. But the dinosaur is turned in a way that it sort of doubles back (between its long neck and tail it is able to do that) and fits nicely inside the museum. (Its a replica of the bones, not the original)

In addition to the big bones, there is a viewing area where you can see paleontologists working on their recent finds. We went there on a Saturday, so the scientists must have been off work. But you could tell that this was their real work area. There were half completed projects, soda cans, and microscopes in progress throughout the workstation.

The museum was worth the price of admission. In addition to the lifesize replica were fossils, remains of baby dinosaurs, and info about the local finds. Definitely a place you want to spend a couple hours in.

Next door was a rock shop that has been there long before the museum came. They have lots of great specimens for the rock enthusiast, and even some handmade treasures, such as lamps and lanterns made out of stone and beautiful sinks. Prices were quite reasonable.

Two Medicine Dinosaur Center

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