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Tuttle-Creek State Park in Kansas

Tuttle Creek State Park is a wonderful place to spend some time fishing, boating, camping, or hiking with your family. My grandparents had a cabin there when I was a child that we loved to go stay at and enjoy the area together.

One of our favorite things to do was to search for the little round fossils called crinoids found all around the area. These little white pre-historic parts of an ancient plant were very exciting to find, and even more fun to turn into rustic jewelry since they conveniently have a hole right through the middle that makes them just like a bead.

The reason these and other fossils are so prolific throughout the area is because there used to be an ocean covering the entire area, long, long ago. I have fond memories of many very hot summer days spent cooling off in the numerous swimming holes on the reservoir, while my grandpa struggled with the fish and keeping the boat running.

Seems like there was always something going wrong with that boat! That didn't stop us kids from jumping out and swimming like crazy every chance we got, though. When the boat broke down, that just meant more time for swimming. Grandma always loved the sun and swimming as much as us kids did, so we could usually persuade her to get in with us, too.

I once had a big birthday slumber party at my grandparents' cabin at Tuttle. It was so exciting to be out in the wilderness with the threat of the mountain lions visiting us! Or maybe that was just Grandma trying to scare us into staying indoors at night so she could actually get some sleep while we were still up!


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Dec 11, 2011
by: Emilyn at RV Travel with Kids

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