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Treasures in Arizona

Fun Road Trip Ideas

Treasures in Arizona got you buzzing? Take the kids on some of these Arizona field trips and learn about the history of treasure hunting in Arizona. Fun road trip ideas for family travel with kids.

From gold, to meteorites, to precious gems, there is treasure in Arizona that will appeal to every member of your family.

As you travel through the state, take advantage of the opportunity to plan Arizona field trips that will appeal to treasure adventurers with varied tastes.

Like most Western states, Arizona has a rich history of Gold prospecting.

treasures-in-arizona-01; Gold Nuggets from Arizona Many major gold discoveries in Arizona began in the 1860's, but there are plenty of people still seeking golden treasure in Arizona today.

Depending on the level of adventure you seek, you and your family can either schedule Arizona field trips to the hills and mountains where you can dig for gold on your own, or head to more tourist friendly sites, such as the Gold Panning tours led by Apache Trail Tours in Apache Junction, Arizona.

Another popular place for Arizona field trips is the Goldfield Ghost Town attraction in Goldfield, Arizona.

Here, you can pan for gold, watch gunfight reenactments, view a reptile exhibit, tour an old underground gold mine, and take a train ride of the Superstition Scenic Narrow Gauge Railroad.

You can also schedule prospecting day trips through Arizona Gold Adventures to find treasures in Arizona. These extended gold prospecting journeys are designed for people seeking serious treasures in Arizona. Another of the great road trip ideas.

For a more scenic glimpse into the history of treasures in Arizona, take a guided Jeep tour of the 62 acre Rackensack Canyon Preserve near Carefree, Arizona. Another great road trip idea.

The Superstition Mountains are also great place for Arizona field trips because this is the rumored location of the Lost Dutchman Mines.

The "Dutchman," was a prospector who lived a simple life until he claimed to find a massive gold strike in the Superstition Mountains. Though he refused to reveal the location of the source of his sudden riches, many still search for the location of his treasure in Arizona today.

Those who enjoy jewelry will appreciate the treasure in Arizona that can be used to create one of a kind gemstone pieces. Arizona mines and desert have yielded large numbers of fire agates and turquoise, so set aside some time for Arizona field trips to these gem hunting locations.

treasures-in-arizona-02; Arizona Name Fire agates have been located in Arizona's Kingman Valley, as well as the Golden Valley.

If you're looking for turquoise treasure in Arizona, there are websites online that list GPs coordinates of places where the stone has been previously discovered to help you begin your search.

Also, the Queen Anne's Dump in Bisbee, Arizona hosts an annual turquoise hunt each fall.

The basic tools for gemstone hunting in Arizona include chisels, hammers, wire brushes, shovels, picks, and spray bottles of water to help clear dirt and debris away from possible gemstone finds.

Finally, those with a desire for more exotic treasure in Arizona can plan Arizona field trips to sites where people often hunt for meteorites. Meteorites are very rare, and extremely valuable.

Steve Arnold and Geoff Notkin, meteorite hunters who have been featured on the television show "Cash and Treasures" often lead meteorite hunting expeditions in Arizona. If you don't want to join an official expedition, spend some time researching the characteristics of meteorites and lead your own desert tour for these fallen stars.

One essential tool for finding meteorites is a metal detector, which will save you lots of time and make the process more enjoyable. Also, because meteorites are magnetic, you can use a magnet to help distinguish meteorite from regular desert rock. Add this to your list of road trip ideas.
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