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Treasure Hunting in Georgia

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Treasure hunting in Georgia might surprise you. Pick out some of these fun road trip activities for your next RV adventure as you learn about the history and availability of treasure related Georgia day trips.

Though many people are familiar with the California Gold Rush, most people don't realize that the first gold rush in the United States occurred in Georgia, which can make for some interesting (and maybe even profitable) Georgia day trips.

People have searched for (and found) gold in certain regions of Georgia since the mid 1500's.

treasure-hunting-in-georgia-01; panning for gold in georgia And from around 1830 to 1850, Georgia experienced a major gold rush that drew lots of gold seeking prospectors.

Today, there are plenty of people who still enjoy treasure hunting in Georgia, and you and your family can join in on the fun by planning Georgia day trips to sites of interest from the Georgia gold boom during your next fun road trip activities.

One of the greatest questions for those who enjoy treasure hunting in Georgia is the mystery concerning the lost Confederate gold.

Though some speculate that the $700,000 fortune of gold and silver was left to the care of Georgia businessman Sylvestor Mumford to invest for the Reconstruction of the south, there are others who believe it was divided among the members of Jefferson Davis' cabinet and could still be hidden, awaiting discovery.

If you're looking Georgia day trips ideas for your next fun road trip activities, you and your family should also consider panning for your own gold at one of the many sites dedicated to this activity. Popular venues for treasure hunting in Georgia for gold include Gold 'N Gem Grubbin in Cleveland, Georgia, and the Consolidated Gold Mines in Dahlonega, Georgia.

If you choose one of these types of sites, treasure hunting in Georgia will consist of panning for gold in a river or creek, so be prepared to wear clothes that you can get dirty.

However, gold is not the only treasure that Georgia has to offer.

Georgia is also home to lots of stones such as ruby, quartz, aquamarine, mica, beryl and more.

These precious gemstones are often easily accessible once you spend a bit of time digging or chipping away at the earth or rocks where they are housed.

Plenty of people have gone home with considerable gemstone finds that are quite valuable. The thrill of the hunt is a big part of what convinces many families interested in treasure hunting Georgia to spend a day digging in the tailings of old gemstone mines in search of new stones.

Your kids will get a kick out of treasure hunting in Georgia the since the hunt involves the opportunity to go home with real gemstones that could be made into jewelry. Prices vary, but you can usually do gemstone mining Georgia day trips for less than $50 for an entire day of digging for gems. If you find a stone of value, you may consider having it polished, faceted and set as a family heirloom piece.

If you're interested in gold or rubies, try visiting the Duke's Creek Gem and mining company in Helen, Georgia. If you're looking for quartz, tourmaline, or beryl, try the Hogg Mine in LaGrange, Georgia.

One thing to consider for your treasure hunting expeditions on your road trip activities is that you will often need to bring your own tools. These items include rakes, buckets, shovels, gloves, safety goggles, etc. Some mines will let you rent these items for the day, but others may require you to buy these tools before you get started.
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