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Treasure hunting Florida is full of fun and history! Learn all about these family travel experiences as you get ready for the ultimate Florida treasure hunt.

Though the state of Florida is most often associated with beaches and golf courses, Florida has a long history of treasure hunting.

Florida was first settled by the Native Americans, but in the 1500's, Spanish conquistadors launched Florida treasure hunts in search of large stores of Indian gold.

treasure-hunting-florida-01; Florida Name Though repeated journeys for a Florida treasure hunt never yielded any substantial finds, the rumors of Floridian treasures resulted in an increase of shipping traffic to and fro between Florida and Europe.

A great addition to your family travel experiences because this type of travel carried its own set of risks, shipwrecks near the Florida coast and in the reefs created a different type of treasure in Florida.

Today, those interested in a Florida treasure hunt often take to the seas in search of long buried treasure troves.

One such adventurer who makes a living treasure hunting Florida waters is Mel Fisher, a Florida treasure hunt expert who spent years searching for several lost ships, including the Atocha, a sunken Spanish galleon that he was finally able to locate and unearth in 1985.

While Mel still spends time treasure hunting the Florida coasts for sunken treasures, those who visit the Mel Fisher Museum in Key West can get a close look at the artifacts from the various shipwrecks he and his crew have uncovered over the years.

However, a Florida treasure hunt does not always need to involve water. Modern-day Florida is home to many varieties of prehistoric fossils. Spending time treasure hunting Florida fossils is a great way for you and your family to learn about the geological history of Florida while in search of fossil souvenirs to take home from your expedition. A great addition to your family travel experiences.

If you schedule a Florida treasure hunt for fossils you could go home with specimens from animals such as sharks, camels, sloths, mastodons, armadillos, sabertooth cats, or even mammoths. Back in Time Expeditions, a company that leads fossil expedition tours can help you and your family navigate ideal places to search for old fossils.

Many people treasure hunting Florida for fossils will conduct their searches and rivers and streams. You and your family can easily look for hidden treasures simply by standing in ankle to knee deep water and sifting through the sediment at your feet using a wood frame similar to the boxes used for gold mining.

However, Florida laws dictate that fossil hunters obtain a permit from the Florida Museum of Natural History. The permit is five dollars and will last for one year. In order to make sure that you and your family's Florida treasure hunt is not impeded, be sure to fill your paperwork and mail it in ahead of time, so you can receive your permit before you arrive in Florida to hunt fossils.

treasure-hunting-florida-02; butterfly in womans hand You and your family may wish to conclude your visit to Florida by participating in treasure hunting Florida butterflies.

The Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville is home to an exotic butterfly rainforest that houses up to 80 different types of butterflies.

In addition, Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, Florida is and outdoor butterfly house that raises and displays a wide variety of traditional and endangered species of butterflies.

You and your family will have a fantastic time strolling through the lush gardens and beautifully manicured grounds while keeping an eye out for the various species of butterflies that flit to and fro. A great addition to your family travel experiences.
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