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Treasure Hunt in Kansas

Kansas Treasure Hunting Family Travel Ideas

A treasure hunt in Kansas can be a very fun experience for the whole family! Figure out which Kansas treasure hunting activities can provide you with the best family travel ideas.

Wondering what fun is there to be had during Kansas treasure hunting? For decades, thrill seeking individuals have traveled to Kansas in search of gold and long-lost treasures. Today, new generations of families are still being pulled into the excitement and thrill of a treasure hunt in Kansas.

Located right in the heart of the United States, Kansas was home to a diverse blend of Native American tribes millennia before Europeans came to explore the region in the 16th century. Even after this early exploration, a permanent Kansas area settlement did not occur until the early part of the 19th century.

Once the Pike's Peak Gold Rush occurred, a stampede of hopefuls flocked to the region to take part in the treasure hunt in Kansas.

treasure-hunt-in-kansas-01; kansas name Kansas treasure hunting began in 1849 when gold seekers discovered a small amount of gold near the Rocky Mountains at the South Platte River Valley.

More interested in heading on to the California Gold Rush, however, the find did not immediately make an impression.

In 1858, however, a Georgian man hearing about the discovery took a group prospecting along the river.

Their exploration meet with success and by years end, newspapers around the country were reporting the find.

Even going so far as to claim that the amount of gold found at Pike's Peak gold fields were just as rich in gold as California's Sierra Valley.

Miners and settlers flocked to the area to participate in the treasure hunt in Kansas between 1858 and 1860. By 1861, Congress had made the territory a state. Even before the Pike's Peak Gold Rush, however, there were rumors of gold in the Kansas region.

An early map of the Louisiana area marked gold at a site along the Little Arkansas River in south-central Kansas. Supposedly, a survivor from an encounter with Native Americans buried his treasure before fleeing the area.

Families looking to strike it rich on a treasure hunt to Kansas have to follow the gold! Along the Smoky Hill River in north Central Kansas is considered a hot spot for Kansas treasure hunting. Be sure to pick a spot where the water flow is not too fast and bring along a panning pan, shovel and a magnet to help separate gold particles from residue. A great addition to your family travel ideas.

Commercial gold prospecting sites are also available as you treasure hunt in Kansas. One location well known for family adventuring is the Farmstead Mining Camp in Overland Park. At mining troughs, kids can pour out bags full of sand to sift through the gems hidden inside. Bags only cost a few dollars and the purchase can be combined with wagon rides, pony rides and fishing for an all-around family adventure.

treasure-hunt-in-kansas-02; gold Although as many as 100,000 individuals rushed to the Southern Rocky Mountains during the Pike's Peak Gold Rush, getting there was a dangerous and arduous journey.

An ancient Indian trail known as the Smoky Hill Trail was considered the fastest path to the gold.

Some travelers died on the trail following Indian attacks, others from starvation, thirst and exposure to the cold.

With expansion, the area developed from stagecoaches to trains.

Adding to your family travel ideas on a treasure hunt in Kansas, it is possible to tour the trail today. Using metal detectors some individuals looking to make a profit or a discovery have managed to find valuable artifacts or mementos to take back home to remember the history of the area.

You and your family may want to conduct a treasure hunt in Kansas that involves digging in some of the many areas of the state where buried gold and loot are believed to be hiding. In Wyandotte Country, local legends have longed talked about the Sauer Castle treasure. The castle was home to five generations of Sauer's and according to lore, there are several caches of treasure thought to be hiding on the site. Update Oct-15: This beautiful old home is currently being restored to it's former glory, it is on private property so please only look and respect the current owner's privacy. More local research may help you find the exact location of these rumored riches and other suitable Kansas treasure hunting spots.

If you are looking for a location that is considered a rich source of hidden assets, a visit to the Larned, Kansas area could be advantageous. Start a treasure hunt in Kansas by visiting Pawnee Rock a large jutting rock formation where travelers crossing the prairie in the 1800s would hide their valuables in fear of Indian attacks.

Over a hundred caches of silver, gold and other valuables are believed to buried within a few miles of the rock and offers a stirring Kansas treasure hunting search for families on a road trip. Add Kansas to your family travel ideas today.
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