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The RV Budget, Work Camping, and RV Jobs

Travel and make money. It sounds like a dream to most people, and it's not easy, but for those willing to work hard, they can make their dreams come true. With proper use of an RV budget, a home based business or former employment, and possible work camping or RV jobs, families can travel full time and enjoy a lifestyle unlike any other.

Every family and situation is different. Some RV families can travel and survive off of as little as $1,000 a month, while other families would feel hard pressed to spend less than $5,000 a month. Those who travel and make money come from different backgrounds and financial disciplines, and all have different priorities. The only right way to travel and make money is the way that is right for your family, and your unique situation.

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Budgeting for Fulltime RV Living

The first, most important part of the making money idea is to figure out what your expenses are going to be on the road.

Though this sounds difficult, usually, what you are spending now is a good indicator of what you will be spending on the road, all things considered.

There are ways to trim expenses, however, so that you will spend less money as you travel than you would living in a stick house.
  • How Much It Costs
  • The RV Budget
  • Expenses to Trim
  • RV Food Expenses
  • Get Out of Debt Now

  • Logistics of Finances & Utilities on the Road

    To earn money while you travel, one needs to consider that access to regular mail is limited, and severely delayed. This means that you will need to have a good financial system in place for paying your bills and accessing your money.

    You'll also need to decide critical things like what state you want to consider your home base. This will affect you quite a bit, as you will need to follow that state's homeschooling laws, and may need to pay state income taxes as well.
  • Choosing Your RV Domicile
  • Your Annual Appointments
  • Mail Forwarding Services
  • RV Phone Solutions
  • RV Internet Access
  • RV Cable & Satellite Services
  • RV Banking and Financial Planning
  • RV Budgets
  • RV Insurance

  • Income on the Road

    The truth of the matter is, most families who choose RV travel with kids have their income stream created and perfected long before they hit the road. This is done, most commonly, either by bringing their current job on the road or by adapting their home based business to a travel and make money situation.

    Those who do not have either can start a business that will provide the income necessary to raise children while perpetually traveling.

    travel-and-make-money-03; sad faceThe Bad News:It takes time and hard work to start a business, and unless you have substantial savings you are willing to live off of, it can take a couple years before your business is generating enough income to support you, maybe longer.

    travel-and-make-money-02; smiley faceThe Good News: Now-a-days, it does not take much money to start a home based business, and for those willing to put the time and work into it, it is completely feasible to assume that your business will be able to support your travel and make money lifestyle.

  • The Concept of Multiple Streams of Income
  • Stationary RVing: Get a Real Job

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    Supplemental Income

    For those looking to travel and make money on a small scale, meaning you already have most of the income your RV budget needs, but are looking for small ways to travel and make money, the following supplemental income ideas might be for you.

    These work camping and RV jobs are not for those who need enough income to support them and their children.

    They are ways to earn a little spending cash, at most.
  • RV Jobs and Work Camping
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Surveys
  • Reader Recommendations

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    Passive Income

    Passive income is simply a way to earn income that allows you to do work once, and continue to earn from it forever.

    Some people earn passive income from their savings and investments.

    Others from income producing systems that they create.

    The good thing about passive income is that once it is put into place it is effortless. The bad thing about passive income is that it takes a lot of work upfront with little to no rewards.

    If you have the time to create it and the means to get by to begin with, a passive income travel and make money situation can be perfect for life on the road.
  • Becoming an Author
  • Network Marketing on the Road

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    Sales & Marketing

    For those looking to travel and make money, sales and marketing RV jobs are quite common.

    Whether you are working as a commissioned sales representative for an exisitng company, or you create your own business around a product or service you believe in, it is possible to earn a living while you travel.
  • Selling to the RV Community
  • Selling at Flea Markets & Roadside Stands
  • Selling at Craft & Gun Shows
  • Selling at Professional Trade Shows
  • Direct Sales on the Road (like Tupperware)
  • Jerky Direct Home Based Business
  • Greeting Cards System Home Based Business
  • Marketing to Small Businesses

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    Online Travel and Make Money Income

    For those looking to travel, online income, that is money you gain from an online business, just makes sense!

    In the same amount of time it takes to do a typical work camping or other RV jobs, you could be making good money from your laptop.

    There is a learning curve to most online travel and make money projects, so get started asap.

    You can choose to sell your own products online, market other people's products, or even find and resell items on eBay (yes, out of your RV!)
  • Building Websites
  • eBay on the Road
  • Online Affiliate Marketing

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