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Tourist Attractions in Maine

Top 10 Attractions of Maine

Tourist attractions in Maine can help you plan your ultimate family vacation adventure. Read RV Travel with Kids' picks for the Top 10 Attractions of Maine.

You can find a little of everything in Maine. There are attractions of Maine that allow you to splash around and let down your guard for a great time and then other tourist attractions in Maine that will expand your brain and give you something to think about.

You can learn from the best attractions of Maine and take home amazing pictures that could only come from the unique attractions of Maine.

Check out the following destinations for just a taste of what you can do in this state...

Best Roadside Attraction: Paul Bunyan Statue

tourist-attractions-in-maine-01; rv and sky On your next ultimate family vacation adventure as you enter Bangor, Maine on Main Street, you will see a huge statue of the notorious Paul Bunyan with his beard and flannel shirt.

This is something you will want to get out and stand next to, take pictures of, and allow your children to explore.

Of course, it's a good idea to have children read the story of Paul Bunyan on the way so they understand what they are looking at once you get there.

Paul Bunyan Statue

Best Tourist Attraction: Largest Rotating Globe

Just off of Interstate 295 you will find an enormous scale model of the globe put on display for all to see. Besides being extremely large, this globe has all the small features of landforms and waterways that you see when you drive through the mountains or wander by boat down the river.

This globe was created by DeLome and is now one of the biggest, most awe-inspiring visitor destinations in Maine.

Largest Rotating Globe

Best Factory Tour: Tom's of Maine

If you find yourself wondering about little quirky things such as how your toothpaste got into that tube, you will enjoy a visit to the processing plant for Tom's toothpaste.

It is located in Sanford, Maine and offers regular tours that show you exactly how the paste gets shoved into the tube and how the tube is then prepared for mass distribution.

Tours are offered June through Labor Day at set times Monday through Friday.

You can expect it to take less than an hour, but be aware that your arms and toes have to be covered by your clothing for your own safety.

See the link below to make reservations for your tour. Tom's of Maine

Best Place to See Animals: Maine Wildlife Park

For your next ultimate family vacation adventure the Wildlife Park is one of the best tourist attractions in Maine for two reasons: it allows you to get close to some of the most interesting animals living in the state and it is doesn't cost much to get in the door. Even if you have a larger family, the prices for this wildlife exploration are extremely affordable.

You can expect to pay less than ten bucks each to get inside, but you will walk out with tons of knowledge about animals you know and others that you have never heard of before.

There is a phone number at the website below that allows you to take a phone tour of the park before visiting. This is a great way to get information on the animals and start your research before entering the park.

Maine Wildlife Park

Best Place to Get Wet: Aquaboggan

Another of the tourist attractions in Maine is Aquaboggan. This water park is one of the most family friendly tourist attractions in Maine. Older children and adults will enjoy speeding down the zippy water slides where younger children can play in the wave pool and enjoy other gentler features of the park.

Make sure to check their website below to make sure they are open for the season before visiting. They are open during the summer months only. You can also buy discount tickets online and save some money!


Best Place to Eat: Nosh Kitchen Bar

The TV show Man vs. Food was brave enough to visit the Nosh Kitchen Bar in Portland, but are you? This restaurant features a four story burger called the Apocalypse Now burger. It was taken on by the brave host of the Man vs. Food television show, but not many other people are able to successfully get it down.

If you want to see what this burger is about, just find the Nosh Kitchen Bar on Congress Street in Portland. Since its appearance on TV, this has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Maine.

Nosh Kitchen Bar

Best Ghost Story: Ghost Story Tour

Maine has quite a few buildings and areas that are well known by locals for being haunted or at least very eerie. You can now explore many of these towns with the "lady in the red cloak" who runs tours through the streets of a few different Maine towns. Go to the link below to find out when the next tours are scheduled and to make reservations. You have to go by reservation only and all tours are walking tours.

Ghost Story Tour

Best Family Adventure: Bar Harbor Tours

In Bar Harbor, Maine you can get on a boat with other explorers and go on a whale watching tour in the Gulf of Maine. This exciting trip takes you out on the beautiful blue waters during the summer months and allows you to see not only whales, but sharks, puffins and other types of marine wildlife native to Maine.

Bring along your camera because you won't have many other opportunities to see whales and other creatures of the sea in this manner.

Bar Harbor Tours

Best Historical Site: Fort Knox

tourist-attractions-in-maine-02;fort knox state park Some attractions of Maine are designed to stimulate your mind and educate your soul rather than just offering lots of fun.

Fort Knox has a rich history which you may already be aware of, so you will want to do some reading and educate your children about what they will see once you arrive.

This is one of the many tourist attractions in Maine that could serve as a supplement or field trip to school studies.

There's no better way to study than to step outside the textbook and see everything with your own eyes.

Fort Knox

Best Place to Act like a Kid: Palace Playland

You've undoubtedly been to a few amusement parks in your lifetime, but have you ever whirled around a ferris wheel overlooking the beach? If not, then you haven't explored tourist attractions in Maine like this one. This beach front amusement park is located in Old Orchard Beach and offers everything you would get at other parks along with a healthy dose of sun and sand. Another great addition to your ultimate family vacation adventure.

Palace Playland
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