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Tourist Attractions in Kansas

Top 10 Kansas Day Trips

Tourist attractions in Kansas, perfect for your road trip with kids, can be found right here on RV Travel with Kids. Learn our Top 10 picks for Kansas day trips!

There are many different types of tourist attractions in Kansas, ranging from short Kansas day trips to resorts where you can spend days if not weeks on end. This may not be the first place that most people think of when they dream of a vacation, but it is a great place to take the family for some safe, fun, and of course educational adventures.

The following tourist attractions in Kansas are among the best destinations for traveling families. You will find many great ideas for Kansas day trips as well as some places that you may want to stick around and explore in more depth while on your road trip with kids.

Best Roadside Attraction: Boston Corbett Dugout Site

tourist-attractions-in-kansas-01;kansas sign This is a monument like none other.

Boston Corbett was the steady shooter who brought down John Wilkes Booth after the murder of President Lincoln.

What many people don't know about this honored shooter is that he was quite crazy.

He actually lived in a hole on the side of the road in Kansas.

That spot has now been turned into a monument marked by a wooden sign that reads "dugout site."

Make sure to wear long sleeves and pants when exploring this monument while on your road trip with kids. The sign isn't right off the highway, so follow directions from the following link. You can also find some background information there.

Boston Corbett Dugout Site

Best Tourist Attractions in Kansas: Dorothy's House and Land of Oz

We're off to see the wizard...the wonderful Wizard of Oz! If you have small children or even older children who are still little kids at heart, you have to take them to Seward County to see the house where Dorothy lived and the wonderful Land of Oz.

The county has restored and preserved a house that is a replica of the one used in the movie and they have a huge property set up to bring children into the world of Oz. It even has the talking trees...come on, what could be more fun than that?

Dorothy's House and Land of Oz

Best Factory Tour: Underground Salt Museum

Have you ever tried to explain to your children where salt comes from? Do you even know this bit of information yourself? The entire family will have a very clear idea of who salt makes its way onto our food and into those fun little shakers after you take an extended tour of the Underground Salt Museum. This is one of the best Kansas day trips for families with older children because it is educational and serious while still offer bits of fun.

Underground Salt Museum

Best Place to See Animals: Tanganyika Wildlife Park

When you go to most zoos you have to view the animals in their habitats from a distance, but things are done a bit different at this zoo. You can actually feed a lemur with your own hands and get up close and personal with many of the other animals.

This is more of an animal park than zoo because the focus is to save and preserve the animals while showing humans how friendly and adorable they can really be. This is one of those tourist attractions in Kansas that can really teach your children something about the love and care of animals.

Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Best Place to Get Wet: Great Wolf Water Park

Indoor water parks are becoming incredibly popular in areas with cold winter climates and the Great Wolf Lodge is at the top of the industry food chain, and one of the best tourist attractions in Kansas. You will walk into a resort environment full of the best water slides, wading pools, and other water games but you won't be outside in the cold or the heat. The Great Wolf Water Park delivers tons of watery fun for the entire family. A great addition to add while on your road trip with kids.

Great Wolf Water Park

Best Place to Eat: T-Rex Cafe

There aren't many restaurants that will actually teach your children valuable lessons while they eat, but the T-Rex Cafe in Kansas City is one of the best. Besides eating appropriately named foods that will get kids excited no matter what's actually on the plate, you can go on digs and do other activities that educate about the dinosaurs in a fun, exciting way.

Children will love hearing about the dinosaurs and eating foods named after those dinosaurs, so they won't even know that their brains are being enriched. A great addition to add to your road trip with kids.

This isn't going to be a fast in-and-out type meal, so book out some time to spend at this cafe.

T-Rex Cafe

Best Festival: OzTober Fest

If you happen to be traveling down the yellow brick road in early October, make sure to check the link below and get the scoop on the extremely popular OzTober Fest. This celebration of the Wizard of Oz will be tons of fun for your children who have probably seen the movie at least a few times, but it can be highly entertaining for adults as well.

This is one of those tourist attractions in Kansas that are best experienced after watching a fresh round of the movie. Pop up the corn, kick off your shoes, and study up on your Oz knowledge.

OzTober Fest

Best Ghost Stories: Fort Riley Ghosts

There's a lot of honor and pride surrounding our military today, but you can honor them in a different way by visiting Fort Riley, Kansas. The forts here are still being used today, but many people feel they are haunted because of the many lives that were took during the war with the American Indians many years ago. There are many, many stories reported by present day visitors of happenings that could only be explained by forces outside of our own world. If you like a good spook or believe in the presence of ghosts and spirits, this is one of those Kansas day trips that you cannot pass up.

Fort Riley Ghosts

Best Historical Site: Grinter Place

What was life like on the frontier? You will be able to imagine the answers to that question as you explore Grinter Place. This home is right on the Kansas/Missouri line and is a perfect example of how people lived in the frontier days.

This is one of the best tourist attractions in Kansas for homeschooling families. If you have taught or will be teaching lessons on the frontier days, this is a house that your children cannot miss! It will help them understand their studies in a very deep manner.

1420 South 78th Street
Kansas City, KS
Grinter Place

Best Place to Act like a Kid: Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead

tourist-attractions-in-kansas-02; dirt road If you are traveling with your family and like things done the old fashioned way, you will find tourist attractions in Kansas like this one endearing, refreshing and inspiring.

This farm has tons of animals to entertain, but the best part of the trip is learning how families lived and farmed around the turn of the century.

This is the simple life like most people today will never imagine.

This is the good life, so stop in and see how things used to be done down on the farm.

Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead
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