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Tourist Attractions in Illinois

Top 10 Illinois Tourist Attractions

Tourist attractions in Illinois! Check out RV Travel with Kids choice for the Top 10 Illinois Tourist Attractions ready to be added to your family road trip planning guide.

There are thousands of potential tourist attractions in Illinois, but they aren't all appropriate for children or some may not be suitable for smaller children. The trick to an enjoyable family trip is to find Illinois tourist attractions appropriate for every member of the family

. There are tons of ideas here, so throw everyone in the RV and get those wheels rolling...

Best Roadside Attraction: The White Squirrels of Olney's City Park

tourist-attractions-in-illinois-01; rv in park This is one of those Illinois tourist attractions that will be suitable for younger children as well as anyone who loves nature.

Make sure to visit the city park in Olney in the early morning and take your camera so you can capture the beauty of these white squirrels running free.

Note that this is also one of the few tourist attractions in Illinois that have some restrictions.

The park does not allow dogs or cats to run around free because they could put the white squirrel popu-lation in danger.

Make sure to leash up the family pets if they want to view the squirrels with you.

The White Squirrels of Olney's City Park

Best Tourist Attractions in Illinois: The Gateway Geyser

If you plan on passing through or visiting the St. Louis area, make sure to see the huge geyser fountain located on Trendley Avenue. The Golden Gate Bridge is located across the Mississippi River from the geyser and rumor has it that the water spits up just about as high as the bridge!

There are some smaller fountains surrounding the larger fountain, so there is a lot to snap pictures of here.

The Gateway Geyser

Best Factory Tour: Long Grove Confectionery Co.

Are there any chocolate freaks aboard the RV? If so, you have to make a special stop to the Long Grove Confectionery, which you could also just call the "chocolate kitchen." Not only do they allow you to tour the facility, but they will teach you a thing or two about growing "cacao" and turning it into the deliciously sweet chocolate we all love to eat.

Note that you have to schedule an appointment for these tourist attractions in Illinois and they charge $2 per person. You can also choose to go at special times on Saturday, when they give free tours.

Long Grove Confectionery Co.

Best Place to See Animals: Wildlife Prairie State Park

There are 150 different animals represented in this park and every member of the family will enjoy watching them roaming the land in their beautiful, safe habitat. This is one of those tourist attractions in Illinois that can actually be turned into a longer educational experience.

Look up some of the animals to be found in the park (they are listed on the site below) and start learning about them before you arrive at the park.

Children will be so proud of themselves for remembering things about the animals they meet in the park! A great addition to your road trip planning guide.

Wildlife Prairie State Park

Best Place to Get Wet: KeyLime Cove

Of all the Illinois tourist attractions you were expecting to find, the beach probably never crossed your mind. Yet, there is one great way to have some wet and wild fun all year round in Illinois: go to the in-door water park! KeyLime Cove is completely indoors, yet it offers tons of splashing fun with great food and water park rides and slides.

This is one of the best tourist attractions in Illinois because it is safe for the entire family and there is something for everyone. Even if you go in the dead of winter, you can splash it up and eat some good food before you leave.

KeyLime Cove

Best Place to Eat: The Chili Parlor

This is the ultimate chili experience for everyone in your group. The Den Chili Parlor serves up deli-cious, piping hot chili with a twist: everyone can determine how spicy they want their chili to be. All elements of the chili from the meat to the beans are cooked individually and then placed together, so there are many different ways of flavoring the meat.

This means your little ones can have it very mild while you take it light-your-tongue-on-fire HOT!

The parlor is closed Sunday. The rest of the week it is open from 11AM to 4PM only. It is located on S. 9th Street in Springfield.

The Chili Parlor

Best Festival: The Chicago International Children's Film Festival

You may have gone to the movies as a family before, but you have never done it this way before. You can find a variety of film showings designed especially for and by children. Visit their website below or give them a call to see what screenings you may be able to catch while you are traveling through Chicago. This is a great indoor event for the winter when Chicago is notorious for snow and windy weather smaller children may not enjoy.

The Chicago International Children's Film Festival

Best Family Adventure: Richardson Farm Experience

If your family loves adventure and heart-pounding excitement, this should be on the top of your must-visit Illinois destinations. You will be strapped securely into an 11 foot see-through ball and then rolled down a huge ramp and left to spin and roll at wild. There is tons of excitement here, but not a lot of danger. That makes it the perfect type of adventure for families with children old enough to be strapped in but not old enough to bungee jump!

There are other adventures to this road trip planning guide that can be found here as well, including paintball and a zip line.

Who knows? Bungee jumping could be on the travel list in a few years, but today you can get them started in a padded, secure ball known as an orb and a trip down the zip line. If you have never heard of "orbiting" check out their website below for videos of orbiting action.

Richardson Farm Experience

Best Historical Site: Lincoln Log Cabin

tourist-attractions-in-illinois-02; lincoln log cabin The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency is in full charge of historical Illinois tourist attrac-tions.

That puts them in charge of preserving the actual farm of Thomas Lincoln, who was the father of Abraham Lincoln.

There are 83 acres to explore, including the cabin set up to show your family what the Lincoln family life was like in the 1800s.

Lincoln Log Cabin

Best Place to Act like a Kid: Amazing Chicago's Funhouse Maze

This is one of the most fun tourist attractions in Illinois. It may even qualify as one of the most fun at-tractions for adults, though those bouncing orbits discussed above put up stiff competition! At the Funhouse Maze you will work your way through a huge maze of tunnels and eye-deceiving illusions. Everyone can go through at their own pace and spend as long as they want at every stop.

This means your family is in control of how much time you spend in the maze.

This is one of the most family friendly tourist attractions in Illinois since smaller children are not hurried along and older children will have plenty to stimulate their minds and bodies. A great addition to your road trip planning guide.

Amazing Chicago's Funhouse Maze
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