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Tourist Attraction in Alaska

Places to Visit in Alaska

List your favorite tourist attraction in Alaska here! Tell us the best places to visit in Alaska, or find out what other RV families on the road are saying.

Have you and your family visited an amazing, family friendly tourist attraction in Alaska? If so, please share your Alaskan travel experience here with other families.

It's easy to do. Here's one reader's example (a traveling teen):

Summer Sled Dog Tours

tourist-attraction-in-alaska; alaska sled dogs I would highly suggest dog sledding camp in Juneau Alaska for a family-fun adventure.

I was greeting by the van with little paw prints crawling up the side.

It got me excited about the upcoming adventure.

My family boarded the van and traveled through Juneau with beautiful scenery on the way to the camp. As with exited the van, we saw a bald eagle in the river along the path leading to the dogs. We were guided to a sled, where my family was pulled by a group of sled dogs.

This is a summer tour, so there was no slow. The sled had wheels, but you could feel the power of the dogs and we flew along the path.

Once we arrived at the camp, we listened to a lecture by a master musher. He told us what it was like to race, and be out in the cold weather for weeks at a time. It was fascinating to hear about the care of the dogs and other chores involved with dog sled adventures.

The best part of the trip was at the end when we could meet the puppies. At first we saw the area for the adult dogs. They each had wood houses with their names carved on top. We proceeded to the puppy cages, where we were able to hold the little pups. Although these dogs weren’t ready to pull sleds, they were being trained and were good with people and other dogs.

Although the adventure was only a couple of hours, it was a lifetime memory for people of all ages.


We would like to get your take on some of the top attractions in this beautiful state, but we're also interested in hearing about some of the lesser known hidden gems so that other traveling families can visit them as well. Whether you had a good or bad experience at a particular attraction, please rate the experience on a scale of 1-5 so other families know what to expect at the different tourist attractions in Alaska.

What's Your Favorite Family-Friendly Tourist Attraction in Alaska?

Do you have a great experience to share? Tell us what places we should visit in Alaska!

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