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State Sponsored K-12 Program

I have been using the K12 curriculum through the CAVA program, which is the California Virtual Academy. Three of my children have used the K12 curriculum for the past 4 years and we have been pretty satisfied with it.

To begin, we contacted the California Virtual Academy, submitted all the pertinent information, and soon received all the workbooks, reading material, science experiment materials, etc. through the mail. Since most of the lessons are online and completed work is noted online, we were also sent a computer to connect to the internet.

Via the CAVA program, which is state funded, this material has been free to us year after year. The K12 curriculum is also available for sale to homeschooling families that choose not to use a state program, or those in states that don't offer this option. The costs of the workbooks and other materials would probably have been too expensive for us to consider otherwise.

Many states are now offering a similar virtual academy, however, and through those programs these K12 materials are also available at no cost. The K12 curriculum is quite complete in it's coverage of subjects, which are math, history, vocabulary, grammar, art, science, music, and language. And like it's name implies, the K12 curriculum spans from kindergarten to grade twelve.

The art and science sections have particularly nice lessons that I believe my children have truly enjoyed. The art literature has been fascinating, both to my children and to myself. The science experiments are occasionally pointless, but usually interesting enough to generate enthusiasm from the kids when science time comes around.

As to the faults of the K12 curriculum, from our perspective they are relatively few, and most likely due to the standard curriculum of California school. Notably, the music material has been tedious at times. Our oldest also laments that the history lessons seem to focus on Greece year after year.

There does seem to be quite a bit of material to cover some days, and once in a while we struggle to get all the assignments completed within the correct time frame. I haven't had experience with any other homeschooling program, but overall I have found the K12 homeschool curriculum to be very sufficient.

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Apr 25, 2011
We also homeschool via k12
by: Anonymous

Me and my wife have been homeschooling our children for almost five years now, using the K12 Online Curriculum. Like most homeschooling programs, it not only allows much more flexibility than actually going to school, but it also (I think) helps my children learn much more than they did at school, for they can work at their own pace. If something is hard for them, they can spend longer on it, and if it is easy, they can do more.

K12 also has many excellent courses that are much better than mine were when I was a kid. The history course for example, covers history from all over the world, from the Greeks to the Japanese, and from Confucius to Aristotle.

But back to the flexibility, K12 allows us to take vacations whenever we would like. Just the other week, we all went a week-long cruise through the Caribbean, unhindered by having to deal with getting the children out of school.

Many schools have problems with bullies, as well, but since the kids are home-schooled and in K12, they didn't have to deal with any of those problems. In high school, though, which my daughter is in, the K12 system gets a little more complicated. She has teachers and classes that she must attend, and all of her work has due-dates. So she is a little more restricted, but it is much more flexible still than going to a regular high school.

Lastly, I get to spend more time with my kids than ever before. Before we started homeschooling, me and my wife both had corporate jobs and we barely ever saw our kids. Now, though, we interact with them every single day, helping them with their schoolwork, maybe going for walks, and simply eating together. With K12, our lives have become closer, more enriched, and plainly better.

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