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State Parks in Mississippi

and Mississippi National Parks

Mississippi is blessed with six national forests and more than 20 state parks. The State Parks in Mississippi also include natural wildlife management areas protecting the native wildlife.

State Parks in Mississippi
Most parks in the state offer extensive nature trails for hiking, along with camp grounds, RV hookups, and a variety of convenience features for family and group travel. If you want to feel one with nature, the following national and state parks in Mississippi will ensure you get the most from your trip.

State Parks in Mississippi

Mississippi state parks; Mississippi old map Cossar State Park
This is one of the best state parks in Mississippi if you are interested in fishing and hunting. The park features Enid Lake, which is where the world’s largest crappie was caught. The areas around the lake are active hunting grounds, but you can also enjoy safe trails for hiking and biking. If you are traveling with the family, you will appreciate the on-site swimming pool and golf course.

Cossar State Park

Golden Memorial State Park
This is a great place to stop off for a picnic and hike. The park offers beautiful areas with on-site grills, and a pond full of fish waiting to be reeled in on your hook. While not one of the largest state parks in Mississippi, it is one of the most remarkable. It was created to memorialize the one-room schoolhouse that once occupied some of the land now used for recreational enjoyment.

Golden Memorial

John W. Kyle State Park
Camping out at the John W Kyle State Park feels a lot like staying at a vacation resort. You can hike through two connected nature trails and then take a splash in the Olympic sized swimming pool to cool off. Head out for an afternoon of golf overlooking the rolling Mississippi hills, and then hit the lake for free fishing or a boat trip out on the water. This park has 200 camping sites, and all are suitable for tent or RV campers. There are also 20 cabins with air conditioning located throughout the park.

John W. Kyle

Percy Quin State Park
The best word to describe this park is “peaceful.” This is the type of park you visit when you want to sit back, listen to the birds singing in the trees, and hold hands with someone you love. There are more than 20 cabins for rent, tons of space for tent camping, and 100 lots for RVs. When you have had your fill of the peace and quiet, find your way to Lake Tangipahoa and enjoy a variety of water sports. Fishing is also allowed on the lake. On-site golf and mini golf is also available.

Percy Quin

Roosevelt State Park
Take your pick between camping out or staying overnight in this state park’s on-site motel. This park features the beautiful Shadow Lake, which is surrounded by peaceful hiking trails. More than 100 camping sites are shaded by thousands of trees, creating a relaxing environment year round. You can also pass some time at the overlook, which gives an incredible view of the Bienville National Forest. Make sure to extend your adventure into that forest for a well rounded tour of the best national and state parks in Mississippi.


Shepard State Park
This is a clean park with beautiful tree-lined trails that go on for miles. It is perfect for RV and tent camping, and offers a variety of amusements and activities for those staying in the winter months. The trails are so beautiful, you won’t need the amusements to entertain yourself or the family any month of the year. The park is located in the famous “singing river country,” which has rich historical relevance for the Native Americans.


Mississippi state parks; Tishomingo State Park By Dblcarrick at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

State Parks in Mississippi

Tishomingo State Park
Bear Creek is the highlight of this state park. From April to October you can enjoy a leisurely float down the creek. There are cabins overlooking the water and more than 60 spaces for RVs. Bring the whole family and enjoy 13 miles of nature trails, the Olympic sized swimming pool, and fields full of wildflowers waiting to be picked and photographed. Native Americans once walked along this land, but your family could be the next to take in the beauty of Tishomingo State Park.


Wall Doxey State Park
This is the perfect state park to visit if you will be traveling to Memphis, Holly Springs, or the University of Mississippi. All of these locations are within a reasonable driving distance of the park. You can hike, bike, swim, and fish on a day trip or extended camping trip to the park. Just spending an afternoon wandering through the nature trails is a pleasant experience.

Wall Doxey

Mississippi National Parks

Bienville National Forest
Take Interstate 20 and you will run right through the heart of this national forest. Certain parts of the forest and designated for recreational use, so you can stop in for a picnic under a canopy of trees or a brisk afternoon hike. This is also a great place to go hunting if you visit at the appropriate times of year. The forest stretches out for 178,000 acres, though not all are open for public recreation.

Bienville National Forest

Gulf Islands National Seashore
Are you tough enough to rough it out on a real camping trip? Do you get excited thinking about boating through rough waters to camp out on an undeveloped island? If so, a camping trip on one of the islands protected by the Gulf Islands National Seashore may be just the excitement you need. You will need a boat 20 feet or longer, or will need to arrange for transportation out to the island of your choice. Camping space is limited. RV camping is available at Davis Bayou, and you can camp there in tents if you don’t want to head out to the islands.

Gulf Islands

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