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Singing in the Dark

The dark, large forest is not a place children should wonder alone. During the day the animals of the forest roam around playing and searching for food, but once the sun begins to go down even the animals scurry home.

10 years ago in this very forest, a young man and his family came to spend quality time together. That morning the young man's father told him not to wonder off into the forest alone at night.

The young boy assured his father he would never even think of going out alone in the dark. That day was filled with fun as the family gathered around the camp to sing songs.

The young boy loved singing. Anytime he heard a song he would have to go listen to it.

That night the family, along with the rest of the forest, went to bed. The young boy was in a tent with his father, while his mother and sister slept in the tent next to them.

The night was pitch black, when a slight hum came from the silence. The crickets stopped, and the boy held his breath to listen closer to the sound. Again, the hum happened. The young boy looked over to ask his father what was going on, but his father was not to be found.

The boy stepped out of the tent and began to look around. The hum got louder, as he searched from the dark empty forest he saw nothing. He began to wonder into the trees. Finally he stopped to hear the voice even louder.

An owl appeared from a tree and glared at him with its big eyes. He stepped back and felt himself slam against someone. As he screamed and ran, the body began to speak. It said "I thought I told you not to wonder in the dark forest, no matter what."

The young boy turned around ready to see his father testing him, but instead found a large bear standing and speaking. It continued to tell the boy about the forest belonging to the larger animals in the night.

The boy ran back to camp screaming, right into his tent. A few moments later he opened his eyes realizing it was only a dream, with his father night next to him. The next night the family left the camp, as the bear looked on laughing to himself singing in the dark.

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