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Short Campfire Ghost Stories

The Perfect Campfire Stories for Kids

Short campfire ghost stories are perfect to tell during your next RV travel with kids adventure! Look over this selection of campfire stories for kids, and add your own! Find a good scary campfire story, or funny campfire stories to share with your family.

Many of these short campfire ghost stories lend themselves to cooperation between Mom and Dad, and perhaps a little special effects.

short-campfire-ghost-stories-01; campfire stories for kids Don't be afraid to have one parent conspicuous absent during the telling, ready to jump out of bushes or scream in terror.

Its these campfire stories for kids that include this melodrama that your children will remember for their entire lives!

This page of the RV Travel with Kids website is to be used to share. The following, interactive story was submitted by one of our readers for this page on short campfire ghost stories.

Looking for Trouble....

Once there was a family with a mom, a dad, and two brothers. Sometimes the brothers got along and sometimes they didn't, but when they wanted something from their parents, they ALWAYS worked together.

One week in the late summer, they decided what they wanted was to go camping at Goblin Creek that weekend. "Please please please dad?" they begged. "Pleeaaaaaaaasseeeeeeee mom?" they whined.

Their parents told them that camping wasn't always as much fun as it sounded like. Sometimes it rained, and everything was too wet to play. Sometimes it got very cold at night, with only a tent around you.

short-campfire-ghost-stories-02; scary campfire story And at Goblin Creek, sometimes other things happened too.

"What KIND of things happen there?" the boys asked?

"Just believe us," said their father, "It's the sort of place where if you don't believe anything can happen, it probably will, just to prove you wrong."

"It's not the place to go looking for trouble," said their mother, "Or trouble will find you."

Going camping and not taking advantage of all the new ways to make trouble for each other did not sound like very much fun to the brothers, but they'd already used up the ways they could think of to get around all the boring rules at home, so they were not going to give up on camping yet.

All week long they asked to go camping that weekend at Goblin Creek. "Please please please dad?" they begged. "Pleeaaaaaaaasseeeeeeee mom?" they whined. They kept begging, and they kept whining, and eventually their parents gave in.

The brothers were super excited, until it rained almost as soon as they arrived, the very first day. "Can't we play by the Creek?" they asked. "No, boys," said their father, "Everything is slippery, and you could fall in and get hurt or drown"

"Sorry, boys," said their mother, "Everything is muddy, you'll be complete messes, and we don't have a way to do laundry out here." "UGH!" grumbled the older brother, " wish I was somewhere dry"

(At this point, pull on a hidden string that moves a stick through rusting leaves behind where your kids are sitting)

"Careful," said their father, "The goblin caves are dry, deep down under the ground where the rain doesn't go." "Oh whatever," replied the older brother, "I don't believe you."

After a day stuck sheltering from the rain under their parents' watchful eyes, the boys looked forward to having their own tent at night, where they could at least stay up late without their mom and dad knowing.

Once the sun set, though, it got very cold. They sat huddled and called out to their parents in their own tent next door. "Moooooom. Daaaaadd. It's COLD." "We warned you," called back their dad. "Just lie down with the sleeping bags closed around you," called back their mom, "If you go to sleep, you won't notice being cold until the sleeping bags warm up." "ARGH!" griped the younger brother, "I wish I were somewhere warm!"

(At this point, pull on another pre-hidden string, to make a tree branch creak)

"Careful" said their mother, "The goblin cook pots are plenty hot" "Yeah, right" replied the younger brother, "I don't believe in goblins."

The next morning, when their mom went to check on them, the brothers' tent was empty. "Oh no!" she wailed, "They must have gone looking for troubl..."

(At this point, since the real mother is probably telling this part of the story, the real father makes a horrible, bestial attack sort of sound, to cut her off)

Take a few minutes and read the following short campfire ghost stories, and tell us your favorite campfire stories for kids. Obviously, not every one of these short campfire ghost stories will work for every family. Some are too scary, or may not be quite on target for age appropriateness. Keep your family in mind when retelling short campfire ghost stories!

Tell us your favorite family-friendly campfire story!

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