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RV road trips are the ultimate family vacation adventure. Going on a road trip with kids can be fun, educational, and the stuff that memories are made of. Use the following information for road trip vacation planning so that you can start RV travel with kids.

The really nice part about a road trip with kids is that when you travel with your children, you do more and see more than you would if you were only traveling with yourself or your spouse. Having our children along makes us more conscious of ?stopping to smell the roses? and makes us more willing to go out of our way to experience something new.

RV road trips simply wouldn't be the same without them!

Road Trip Vacation Planning

rv-road-trips-02; girl kissing giant frog Before you go, especially if you are considering a road trip with kids, it is important that you start to plan your trip.

When living full time in an RV, this planning can be going from one destination to another, or getting started in general.

Some families like to plan out a year in advance, while others will plan for the next destination and keep their options flexible.

Whatever you decide for your RV road trip is up to you!
  • Road Trip Vacation Planning
  • Checklist for a Road Trip
  • Where to Go on Your Road Trip

  • What to Bring for a Road Trip

    When gearing up for the ultimate family vacation adventure and doing your road trip vacation planning, one of the most fun things to do is to figure out what to bring. Our perpetual RV road trips have caused us to create two livings spaces for the kids; one inside the RV, and one inside the truck. Use these tips for what to bring for a road trip with kids.
  • Road Trip Gear: The Truck
  • Road Trip Gear: The RV
  • Road Trip Snacks
  • Road Trip Backpacks
  • Road Trip Travel Books

  • rv-road-trips-05; girl hulla hooping

    Regular Activities on the Road

    When your RV road trips become the ultimate family vacation adventure that never ends, its important to try and sprinkle in a little normalcy when you are able to.

    Believe it or not, but there are many ways that you can turn a road trip with kids into a slice of everyday life.

    The beauty about RV travel with kids is that you can do your road trip vacation planning to specifically include a child friendly destination, or even stay in one place a little longer to take advantage of an area's activities.
  • Sports and Dance for RV Kids
  • Independent Boy and Girl Scouts
  • The Junior Rangers Program
  • Kids Summer Camps

  • Activities for in the Car

    rv-road-trips-03; funny picture of a man towing a towed rv

    Now its time to keep the kids occupied on your road trips!

    When going on a road trip with kids, long travel days can become monotonous.

    It's important to provide activities when doing your road trip vacation planning for the kids to get their mind moving, since their bodies cannot.
  • Road Trip Car Songs
  • Road Trip Car Games
  • Road Trip Car Activities
  • Printable Road Trip Activities

  • rv-road-trips-10; patch collection on a backpack

    Collections on the Road

    On RV road trips or not, every kid likes to collect things. Whether it is dolls, Legos, video games, or just stuff in general, you will be hard pressed now-a-days to find a child who doesn't like to have a whole lot of something.

    But collecting things and RV travel with kids do not exactly go together hand-in-hand.

    There are, however, some really great things kids can collect on a road trip that take up little space and also serve as a keepsake for the miles and miles they have traveled, and the wonderful places they have seen.
  • Gift Shop Souvenirs
  • Scutelliphily: Patch or Badge Collecting
  • Elongated Coins (Squished Pennies)
  • Rocks and Stones
  • Pins and Pinback Buttons
  • Stamps
  • State Magnets or Stickers

  • Road Trip Entertainment

    Today, RV road trips have infinite possibilities and infinite ways to be entertained. But don't think that a road trip with kids necessarily has to cost the farm. There are plenty of ways to take the ultimate family vacation adventure and save some money, simply by doing a little road trip vacation planning. Here are some ways to get fun road trip entertainment on a dime.
  • Movies on the Road
  • Discount Attractions and Restaurants
  • Fun Road Trip Entertainment

  • rv-road-trips-07; girl drawing chalk outline of herself

    Camping Activities

    The most important part of RV road trips?

    Getting to a destination!

    And going on a road trip with kids doesn't mean taking in every tourist attraction you can find.

    Sometimes is just great to kick back at a campground and spend some quality time with one another. Here are few great things to do once you are set up at your site.
  • Camping Crafts
  • Camping Games
  • How to Start a Fire
  • Fire Safety Tips for Kids
  • Campfire Snack Recipes
  • Campfire Songs
  • Campfire Stories

  • Documenting Your Road Trip

    rv-road-trips-09; kodak picture books Your children will grow up and tell their children about the fantastic adventures they had with RV road trips, and about their ultimate family vacation adventure.

    It won't be meeting Mickey Mouse at DisneyWorld that stands out in their minds, it will be the little stuff; the time when mom told a scary story around the campfire and dad jumped out of the bushes and scared the kids senseless.

    The time you all learned why you don't try and cook with a portable charcoal grill inside the RV because its cold outside. These experiences mean so much more to kids than pricey tourist attractions.

    So while you are experiencing your road trips, and having the adventures of a lifetime, don't forget to document it all in some way.
  • Kodak Picture Books
  • An Online Blog or Travel Log
  • Scrapbooking Your Adventures
  • Keeping a Travel or Nature Journal

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