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A Guide for Those New to RVing

RV living full time, that is, living out of your camper, travel trailer, 5th wheeler, or coach on a fulltime basis, is the ultimate RV travel with kids method. For those new to RVing, figuring out all the ins and outs of RVing today can be intimidating. Here are some tips to get you started.

Making the move from a regular, "stick" house or apartment into an RV can seem like an overwhelming task. From condensing and purging your current belongings, to buying an RV and moving into it, there are countless, probably unfamiliar steps you need to take to get started RVing today.

Why RV Living Full Time?

First off, why RV living full time? What exactly is the appeal of getting rid of everything you own and uprooting your kids to buy a motorized home and live the nomad life style?

Fulltime RV living and RV travel with kids is all about freedom. Those new to RVing might not understand it yet, but the freedom to go with the wind, to see the world on your own terms, and to watch your children experience the world through their own eyes is priceless. That is what RV living full time is all about.

To most people, such a lifestyle is but a dream. But to those of us who RV travel with kids and do fulltime RV living, it's a reality.
  • Our Fulltime RV Living Story

  • rv-living-full-time-02; home on wheels

    Getting Started: New to RVing

    Life on the road and RV living full time, is very different from the typical “Soccer Mom” life style that many of us are used to.

    Many of our problems do not disappear with a simple change of scenery, and there are unique challenges that full-time RVing presents that do not exist in the normal world.

    Before you sell off your home and quit your jobs, it is important to see if the fulltime RV living life style is right for your family.

    Those new to RVing might just find that the space confines are too much.
  • Trial RV Road Trip: Renting a Rig
  • Trial Homeschooling

  • Choosing Your Rig

    rv-living-full-time-01; vintage travel trailer The most important, (and most intimidating) part for those new to RVing is finding the right rig.

    Each family is different in terms of needs and financial capabilities.

    There are rigs out there for those seeking comfort, seeking space, or seeking less expensive alternatives.

    Read on to learn about the best RV choices for families and RV travel with kids.
  • Buying a Rig: New or Used?
  • Your Tow Vehicle
  • Motorcoaches: Class A's
  • Motorcoaches: Class C's
  • Fifth Wheelers
  • Travel Trailers
  • Pop-Ups, Tents, Toppers, and Other Family Camping

  • rv-living-full-time-08;rigs at rv campground

    Making the Transition

    As much as we would like to just decide one day to go RV living full time, and jump on the road the next day, planning to travel full-time in an RV with your children is a lengthy process. Here are some things those new to RVing will need to do to make the transition.
  • Telling Your Extended Family
  • How to Get Rid of Your Stuff
  • Stationary RV Living
  • Replacing Income
  • Paying Off Debt and Saving

  • Staying Organized

    rv-living-full-time-09; organizing rv kitchen pantry Take a small, confined space.

    Add four, or five, or six people.

    Add all their stuff.

    Add a pet or two.

    What you get is utter chaos. RVing today with kids can be challenging, especially coming from a life style off too much consumerism. Downsizing belongings and trying to find space for necessities can be a challenge to those fulltime RV living.

    Here are some ways to keep yourselves organized.
  • Customizing Your Rig
  • Toys for Kids on the Road
  • Homeschooling Space
  • Doing Laundry in an RV
  • Where to Store Clothing in an RV
  • RV Kitchen Organization
  • Exterior RV Living
  • Your RV Basement

  • RV Basics

    rv-living-full-time-07; rv sewer hose connected You've bought your rig, you've condensed your stuff, the next step in RV living full time is to get to know your RV, and learn how to operated it.

    RVing today is interesting to say the least!

    You'll have to deal with aspects of life you probably have never had to deal with before (namely, poo).

    Those new to RVing need a good place to start, and here it is:
  • Attaching the 5th Wheeler/Travel Trailer
  • Breaking Camp
  • Setting Up Camp
  • The Poop Tank
  • The Awning
  • RV Electrical Uses
  • RV Cleaning Tips

  • RV Utilities

    rv-living-full-time-0; rv families on the road Another consideration for RV living full time (and it doesn't matter if you choose RV travel with kids or not) is the aspect of utilities.

    Simple conveniences like having the post man bring you your mail each day are not possible anymore.

    Luckily, modern technology has caught up with the fulltime RV living industry, and RVing today is much easier than it was a couple decades ago.

    If you are new to RVing, the first thing you will need to do is decide what state to call home.

    After that, its all about setting up the systems that your family needs for RV living full time.
  • Your Annual Appointments
  • Mail Forwarding Services
  • RV Phone Solutions
  • RV Internet Access
  • RV Cable & Satellite Services
  • RV Banking and Financial Planning
  • RV Budgets
  • RV Insurance
  • Choosing Your RV Domicile
  • Domicile Information by State

    New Hampshire
    New Jersey
    New Mexico
    New York
    North Carolina
    North Dakota
    Rhode Island
    South Carolina
    South Dakota
    West Virginia

    Pets on the Road

    Fido and Socks are important members of the family too, and life without pets on the road would not be the same! Luckily, most people RV living full time bring along their pets, and families on the road are no different. We have two cats, Chester and Leo, that travel with us. Though the pet fish may have to find another home with a friend or family member, there is no reason why most any other pet cannot travel with you.
  • Accommodating Your RV to Pets
  • Adjustment to Life on the Road
  • This RV living full time section is by no means complete! There are a number of websites out there that will help you with fixing your RV if something breaks, or helping you figure out how much RV your truck will tow. The intent of this website, RV Travel with Kids, is to help families get started on the road.

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