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Places to Visit in Nevada

Share Your Favorite Tourist Attractions in Nevada

Places to visit in Nevada! Are you planning a road trip with kids? Check out recommendations on the best family friendly tourist attractions in Nevada, and share your family's favorites.

Some of the most exciting places to visit in Nevada include Wild Island Family Adventure Park and the Southern Nevada Zoo - Botanical Park. There are also some amazing attractions inspired by Cirque Du Soleil which will make your jaw drop and the kids shriek with excitement.

places-to-visit-in-nevada-01; nevada postage stamp You can place your children in the Kids Camp at Lake Tahoe and slip out to see the shows or enjoy a sailing cruise on Lake Tahoe as a family.

There are also fun places to visit in Nevada if you like roller coasters, greasy food, and rides.

Try the Wild Island Family Adventure Park in Northern Nevada if this is your kind of excitement.

Your family may not be ready for the wild excitement of Las Vegas casinos, but you can still hit this area of the state for a cruise on Lake Mead and a visit to the Lied Discovery Children's Museum.

Tell us your favorite tourist attractions in Nevada. Its easy to do. Here's a road trip with kids review from one reader:

Little A'Le'Inn

One of my favorite lesser-known Nevada attractions is the Little A'Le'Inn. It is a restaurant and inn-with RV hookups-located in Rachel, Nevada off of Highway 375.

places-to-visit-in-nevada-02; little a le inn The highway is better known as "The Extraterrestrial Highway" that leads to Area 51; and Rachel is probably known as one of Nevada's smallest towns, with a population of only 98!

Just the same, when you're driving along the seemingly never-ending highway, you probably won't see any sign of life until you reach the Little A'Le'Inn.

Don't worry though-you'll find earthlings, not aliens!

However, you will come across plenty of extraterrestrial photographs and various Martian souvenirs.

Some tourists visit the Little A'Le'Inn to find the proof they've been looking for, while others visit it for its strangeness, but my family goes there simply because we enjoy the hot chocolate and the friendly people that run the place!

We always make sure to stop at the Little A'Le'Inn on our drive from Northern Nevada to Southern Utah. (You can also take that route to travel from Reno to Las Vegas or vice versa.)

It is a convenient pit stop, but it is also a fun and unique attraction that you won't find anywhere else!

When you near the inn, there's a road sign posted that reads, "Population: Humans 98, Aliens ??", as well as a flying saucer hanging from a crane. You may become a little nervous when you step out of your RV onto Rachel's desolate dirt for the first time, but like I said, the people are friendly and the place is worth seeing-even if it does appear a little off-kilter at first.

If you don't plan on renting an RV space for the night (maybe in hopes of some UFO sightings!), at least grab a bite to eat, try the tasty hot chocolate, listen in for some tall tales, and use the bathroom-because you won't come across another one for awhile!

Here's the Little A'Le'Inn's website for more info: http://www.littlealeinn.com/.

And here's Rachel, NV's website: http://www.rachel-nevada.com/

What do you consider to be the most exciting places to visit in Nevada for family fun? Tell others your secrets for the best tourist attractions in Nevada for a road trip with kids. Rate your experiences from 1-5 so others will know if they want the same adventures for their family.

What's Your Favorite Family-Friendly Tourist Attraction in Nevada?

Do you have a great experience to share? Tell us what places we should visit in Nevada!

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