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Places to Visit in Idaho

Road Trip Activities for your Vacation in Idaho

This places to visit in Idaho list is sure to get your family ready for your next vacation in Idaho! Learn what road trip activities are must do, and share your family friendly tourist attraction recommendations with others.

Families who want something more than just a cookie-cutter vacation should be informed of the best places to visit in Idaho. Idaho is a great choice for family adventure suited to families with children of all ages, from infancy to adulthood.

places-to-visit-in-idaho-01; idaho postage stamp Yes, the state is well known for major tourist attractions like the capital city of Boise.

Boise boasts the Boise River Greenbelt, a park ideal for enjoying scenic views, bicycling and getting a glimpse of native wildlife.

Additionally, the many mountains, lakes and rivers of the state offer many places to visit in Idaho.

Unlimited activities can also be enjoyed including hunting, boating, skiing, snowboarding, fly-fishing, gold panning and rock climbing.

These activities are just the start!

Tell us your favorite places to go when you vacation in Idaho. Its easy to do. Check out this contribution from a viewer like you:

Yellowstone Bear World

A very exciting place to visit while in Idaho, is Yellowstone Bear World. It's located just outside of Rexburg, Idaho. Our family makes an annual trip there every summer.

places-to-visit-in-idaho-02; yellowstone bear world While you drive through the park, the animal's are free to roam, which can make for an exciting adventure.

Not only do they have Black Bears and Grizzly Bears, they have Wolves, Deer, Elk, Bison and Mountain Goats.

There are also many other kinds of animals too.

When our kids were young they really enjoyed the petting zoo and amusement rides.

As they got older, the driving tour became their favorite activity. Seeing the animals in their own element.

You can make numerous trips driving through the park if you happen to miss something the first time. When my son was about 7 years old we were making our first visit to Yellowstone Bear World. He didn't realize that the bears were actually contained within a park. He thought they were just free roaming wild animals.

As we were traveling through, pointing out the bears to him, he asked us what the bear's ate. Not knowing for certain, we explained that a person probably fed the bears. Forgetting that 7 year olds often take things very literal, our son began to get highly upset. He sobbed that he couldn't watch what was about to happen.

My husband and I turned to see what he was looking at. It was a park employee making rounds feeding the animals. But our son didn't see that the man was placing food out, he just assumed the man was the bear's meal. He calmed down once he spotted the actual bear food and we explained it a little more clearly. We still tease him about that.

The park is very fun to visit. It's very important to follow all the rules for safety purposes, but you cannot beat it for a great experience for the whole family. The cost is very reasonable. Just make sure that your air-conditioning is working properly in your vehicle, since you must stay inside while doing the drive through. The weather can get quite warm there.

We've found that mornings are often the more active time to see the animals. Late afternoon's you often find the animal's taking naps, without much moving around. You can learn more about Yellowstone Bear Wold by visiting www.yellowstonebearworld.com

Read through the following vacation in Idaho tourist attractions, and add your own! Provide your honest reviews and ratings of the attractions below, using a scale from 1-5 to help other families get the real deal and a unique journey as they consider places to visit in Idaho.

What's Your Favorite Family-Friendly Tourist Attraction in Idaho?

Do you have a great experience to share? Share what places we should visit in Idaho!

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