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Passport America camping can give you significant savings when you are traveling, especially those of us who choose full time RV living. For those of us who RV travel with kids, there are other camping discount programs out there as well; the Happy Camper, Good Sam, and other RV travel clubs.

Most full time RV travelers are members of several RV travel clubs to give them the most coverage and the best deals throughout the country. Here are a few of our favorites.

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Passport America Camping

The Passport America discount club is probably the most popular and most recognized of the RV travel clubs.

This program will allow you to stay at any one of more than 1,500 RV campgrounds in the USA and Canada for 50% off.

This is an awesome deal! Instead of paying $20-50 per night, you can stay in a park for the camping discount of $10-25 per night.

Passport America camping just makes sense when you travel.

Now, there are a few rules, and some loopholes to Passport America camping.

Each campground has it's own rules, and many do not offer their discount on weekends. Some also charge "extra" fees, such as a fee per additional child (personally, yes, we've run into this before, but it boils my blood, so I simply avoid those campgrounds).

The nice thing is that you get this wonderful campground directory (the size of a small phone book) where you can see the rules of each individual campground before you even bother to call to see if they have an available spot.

Most campgrounds don't need reservations for Passport America camping (though a few do) so when we're traveling I just use the directory in the truck and call ahead where we think we're going to stop for the night. We've really enjoyed our membership with Passport America camping.

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The Happy Camper

The Happy Camper is another discount camping program that offers 50% off at RV Parks camping.

Similar to Passport America with the different rules for different campgrounds.

The big difference in these RV travel clubs is that while Passport America offers 1,500 campgrounds in the USA and Canada, and the Happy Camper has 1,200 in the USA and Canada, the Happy Camper has more USA campgrounds than Passport America.

Another advantage to the Happy Camper is that you can immediately print a membership card from your computer and use it right away; no need to wait for cards to be processed and mailed before you use your discount. The Happy Camper also comes with a directory.

View Happy Camper State Campground Locations List
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Camp Club USA

Camp Club USA is the camping discount program run through Good Sam.

Update 2012: Camp Club USA has merged with Passport America so this club is no longer available.

They offer 50% camping discounts at over 1,000 parks.

Similar to the above two programs, Camp Club USA also has some other perks.

The biggest perk is the eNewsletter that offers fun camping tips and prizes to their members. Lots of RV camping gear giveaways make Camp Club USA fun and useful. Plus, they'll even pay you for tips and stories that they use in their newsletter.

Many full time RVers carry memberships in two or all three of these RV travel clubs. Why? Though there are some overlapping parks, having multiple memberships gives you the best selection while giving you all the other perks and benefits each camping discount program offers.

Your best bet is to visit each of the RV travel clubs and find out which would work best in your situation. As a full time RV living family, it is highly recommended that you have at least one of the above memberships at your disposal.
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