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Are you searching for Oregon travel info? This is the perfect place to learn from the experience of others or help others out with your own experiences in the state. You can leave your comments below along with your ranking from one to five. What are the best places to visit in Oregon?

Oregon travel info must always include information about the weather and the many opportunities for outdoor adventures. This is a rustic state perfect for fishing, hunting, hiking, and skiing. You can hike up a mountain and sit at the top, staring out over beautiful lakes and mountain trails. You can head out on a boat and catch some of the biggest fish you have ever seen.

There are also places to meander down rivers and streams in kayaks or rafts. If exploring by boat or foot isn't your thing, jump on a mountain bike and explore on two wheels. There is no limit to the outdoor adventures to be found in wild Oregon.

Tell us your favorite tourist attractions in Oregon . Its easy to do. Here's a road trip review from one reader:

Cannon Beach, Oregon

When my sister and I visited Oregon several years ago, my favorite location was definitely Cannon Beach. Cannon Beach is a very laid-back town on the coast of the Pacific Ocean about 80 miles west of Portland.

We visited Cannon Beach for only a day, which was a perfect amount of time. The town is very tourist-oriented and has nice shops and cute restaurants. It even has hotels and spas and many opportunities to explore the region nearby.

Cannon Beach's main draw for tourists is the beach. It's a beautiful beach. The best part about it were the monoliths. A monolith, if you don't know, if a large geological structure that consists of one massive stone.

There were several monoliths at Cannon Beach that you can walk to and explore during low tide and admire during high tide. The biggest monolith on the beach is called Haystack Rock.

Thankfully, my sister and I spent most of the day on the beach so we were able to see large starfish and mollusks clinging to the monoliths when the tide was low. The starfish were very interesting. They were red and yellow and never moved.

There are specially trained people on the beach that offer a tour to people visiting the monoliths. The tour mainly consists of explaining the different creatures that live on the rocks and how they are important to the local ecosystem.

Another feature of the beach that I vividly remember are the gigantic seagulls. I have never seen seagulls as big as the ones roaming around Cannon Beach. If you want to learn more about the Cannon Beach community to plan for your trip there, you can look at http://www.cannonbeach.org/. That website is filled with great information.

Do you have insider Oregon travel info? Where would you recommend others visit in this state? Give the details of your Oregon travel experiences below, along with your ranking from one to five. Then read what others have to share so you know where to go next time you head into Oregon.

What's Your Favorite Family-Friendly Tourist Attraction in Oregon?

Do you have a great experience to share? Tell us what places we should visit in Oregon!

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