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New Jersey Treasure Hunting

RV Road Trips Treasure Hunting in New Jersey

New Jersey treasure hunting can be a great addition to the best RV road trips. Learn all about treasure hunting in New Jersey and see if its the right fit for your next family vacation adventure.

When it comes to treasure hunting New Jersey is a location that is filled with possibilities. From pirates treasure to diamonds, there are going to be a few different things you and your family can seek out as part of your adventures in this beautiful state, treasure hunting in New Jersey is an opportunity that should not be missed on your rv road trip!

new jersey-treasure-hunting; new jersey fossil Cape May Diamonds
Probably one of the most popular items for treasure hunting New Jersey has is the Cape May Diamonds. These beautiful diamonds are known for the minerals that they contain and they are sought out quite a bit. They can commonly be found around the Franklin and Sterling Hill mines in the area and if you are going to be travelling through this area, you will want to keep this choice for treasure hunting in mind.

Fossil Hunting
Along the Jersey Shores, you will also have a chance to find fossils. Over the years, things like mammoth and mastodon fossils have been found in this area. Also try Big Brook and other surrounding brooks, Monmouth Co, NJ for shark teeth and other fossils. While there are other species of fossils that will show up while you on your treasure hunt, there is no doubt that each of the fossils you find will ignite some excitement in the family when discovered.

Should your family want to take to the high seas as part of the treasure hunting New Jersey can offer, you may want to look into the Jersey Shore Pirates. This will give you the chance to take to the open waters and to explore some treasures that can be found. While the adventure cruise is aimed towards children, all members of the family are going to find that they do have a great time during this adventure.

Pirate Treasure
Of course, those who still have pirates on the mind, may want to consider the legend of Captain Kidd. Along the coast of Long Island, there are legends that the treasure of this famous pirate can still be found. This is one of the reasons why thousands still head on out to this area as they seek the legendary treasure. However, the most common area for the treasure of this pirate is listed as Matawan Creek. If you find yourself in this area, you may want to try your own hand at finding this pirates treasure. Who knows, you may be one of the lucky ones to strike it rich.

new jersey-treasure-hunting; real treasure chest As you continue to explore the choices for treasure hunting New Jersey has to offer, you will find that other areas of interest can come up. This will includes exploring the national forests in this area to find what secrets might lay in them. Many people will turn to them for Geocaching, but you might find that there are other exciting things you can do while you are taking the time to explore the beautiful state of New Jersey.

The use of a metal detector to find ancient hidden treasures can also be lucrative when New Jersey treasure hunting. Armed with a metal detector, you can go tramping through New Jersey sites mentioned in local legends.

Searching for gold or other lost treasure in New Jersey while on your rv road trips can be an inexpensive and fun activity. There are some rules to treasure hunting in New Jersey, however, that you will want to be aware of. Prospecting is not allowed on national parks or on private lands unless you obtain permission from the landowners.

For metal detecting, it is usually recommended that you get the landowners permission in writing. Local laws may also exist that explain whether or not metal detecting is allowed within a town or city park.

Remember, when using a metal detector during New Jersey treasure hunting, these devices are good for more than just finding ancient treasures. Visits to popular beaches or tourist attractions can lead to finding gold rings, silver coins, watches and other modern treasures lost by tourists, while on your rv road trips.
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