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New Hampshire Treasure Hunting

Adventure for the Entire Family

New Hampshire Treasure Hunting - New Hampshire may not come to mind when you think about the heyday of the gold rush, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t gold to be found in the state.

Small amounts of gold have been found in the bedrock of the state, and some streams have been found to harbor traces of gold as well. You cannot expect to strike it rich from the gold you find on a New Hampshire treasure hunting adventure, but there are many other treasures that can make the hunt worthwhile in this state.

If you are after gold, then you can try your luck panning the Ammonoosuc River. You have to take route 112 out through the White Mountains to find this river, but it is a peaceful location for a day trip. The entire family will feel right at home while panning for small amounts of gold proven to be harbored along the river. There are other locations throughout the state where panning can be enjoyed, but you may have to get permission from land owners when digging alongside most waterways.

new hampshire-treasure-hunting; new hampshire coin While deposits of gold are not as plentiful as in other states, New Hampshire is rich when it comes to natural minerals found within the earth. There are mines for mica, feldspar, uranium, and a variety of other minerals throughout the state, and many are open today for visitor tours.

New Hampshire Historic Mine

One of the most historic mineral mines in the state is the Ruggles mine. It is located in the city of Grafton, which is about 50 miles from the White Mountains. You could easily plan a trip to the mine on the same trip that you head out to the Ammonoosuc River for a bit of gold panning. Not only will you go home with gold, but you will go home with minerals collected from exposed areas of the mine.

Natural Glacial Caves

If you want to plan a more extensive treasure hunting trip in search of minerals, consider visiting Polar Caves Park in the Baker River Valley area. There are eight glacial caves in the park, but you will also encounter a variety of native animals as you explore the wild outdoors of New Hampshire. The Glacial Rock Garden is located inside the park and will give a close-up view of the minerals commonly found under the ground of New Hampshire.

This is the perfect place to stop off for a picnic on a longer trip, but it is also an educational destination for children. Children will enjoy the petting zoo while the museum turns an exciting vacation into something educational.

Pirate Treasure?

new hampshire-treasure-hunting; treasure chest Are you up for a true adventure? Treasure hunters who are not afraid to go the extra mile to hunt down bigger rewards might flirt with the idea of heading out to the Isles of Shoals to find the Lunging Island. This is a small island shaped like a dumbbell, with a rocky area holding two smaller pieces of the island together. It takes an adventurous ride through high tide to get to the island, but it is believed that a pirate abandoned his treasure on the edge of the island hundreds of years ago. Locals of the island believe there was once a cave on the shore which may have collapsed, covering up the treasure.

You aren’t likely to find this treasure, but it gives you something to talk and wonder about as you head out on your New Hampshire treasure hunting adventure. Visiting the island is a challenge, but it is also something exciting to do if you are not traveling with small children.

Lunging Island is off the Sea Coast of New Hampshire, which is the 17 mile stretch of coastal land where the state was first born. This area is rich in historical merit and is a great place to explore the treasures of the state. While you are looking out to sea and wondering about treasures that may remain out on the islands, you can also enjoy walking, driving, or floating tours of the sea coast. When you return, why not sit on a pier by the water and taste fresh lobster straight from the sea? This is a great vacation destination for the entire family, but particularly for those with a mind focused on treasure hunting.

New Hampshire Geocaching

One last way to enjoy your New Hampshire treasure hunting trip is to try geocaching. This is an exciting treasure hunt that is ongoing throughout the United States. You go online to find clues for treasures that others have hidden in different states. You then go out hunting for the treasure, reporting online when it is found. The treasures aren’t worth much, but the fun you have tracking down the clues is priceless. This is something you can do in New Hampshire with the entire family.

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