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Nevada Treasure Hunting

Adventure for the Entire Family

Nevada Treasure Hunting - There are few states as rich as Nevada when it comes to natural deposits of gold and many other precious gems and minerals. For instance, thousands of people flock to the Nevada desert and the Sierra Nevada Mountains every year in search of rare fire opals. These opals have never been found in any other state, but they have a heavy presence in the hills of this state.

Besides beautiful opals, you can also find gold crystals, and many other precious metals and gems in the mountain and desert regions of Nevada. Many of the sites are own privately and are not open to the public, but you can find sites that allow public searching for a fee.

One of the best places to hunt for those rare fire opals is the Virgin Valley. This area is right on the Oregon border. It is known as a hotbed for fire opals as well as other types of opals that are valuable today. You must find sites open to the public and pay a fee to search for your own opals in this area. Expect to drive at least four hours to get to your dig site, and be prepared for the heat. This is definitely a Nevada treasure hunting adventure for adults and teenagers.

nevada-treasure-hunting; nevada Turquoise Turquoise is another hard-to-find gem that is found in abundance in Nevada. There are more mining sites for turquoise in Nevada than any other state. If you head out to Tonapah you can take a tour through a professional mine on select days of the week. Look up the Royston Mining District.

Buried Gold Coins?

With such riches hiding in under the floor of the desert and up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, it is no wonder that there are many stories of lost and buried treasures within the state’s history. A.J. Jack Davis is said to have left gold coins worth thousands of dollars on the North bank of the Truckee River, and George Donner is believed to have buried thousands of dollars in gold coins near Alder Creek.

Searching for buried gold was just as popular in Nevada history as digging in the desert and mountains for gold and other precious gems or metals. Stories abound of lucky farmers, children, criminals, and families who happened to find some of the loot lost, buried or forgotten within the rich terrain of this state.

If you are into gold mining as a hobby, make sure to visit El Dorado Canyon while you are in Nevada. It is accessible from Las Vegas so is one of the more popular public mining sites in the states. You have to go past the private mines to get to the public recreational area where your entire family will have a great time tracking down your own gold samples. You can go home with solid proof that you enjoyed a Nevada treasure hunting adventure!

Nevada Annual Treasure Hunt

You may also want to participate in the annual Nevada Day Treasure Hunt if you live close enough to go out searching on a routine basis. Every year, a gold medallion is hidden within a seven county radius inside Nevada. Clues are posted on a website each day for those participating in the hunt. When you think you know where a clue is pointed, you head out and search for your modern treasure.

nevada-treasure-hunting; Nevada Great Basin National Park The winner of the Nevada Day Treasure Hunt turns the medallion in and is awarded $500. You can register online in October to earn an additional $500 if you win the treasure. The hunt is not limited to Nevada residents, but you have to live reasonably close to chase down the clues on a regular basis. It is something fun to do if you happen to venture through the state before someone else finds the treasure.

If you want to walk at a comfortable pace and enjoy the natural wonders of Nevada, take a trip to Great Basin National Park. You can venture through the Lehman Caves for save Nevada treasure hunting suitable for the entire family. Make sure to head out for a hike to enjoy the many above-ground treasures of the state as well. This is a great park for a day trip, but you may want to find a campground and spend a weekend as well.

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