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Nebraska Treasure Hunting - If you could flash back to the early 1800s and step into the territory of Nebraska, you would find beautiful mountains and natural wild lands that rolled out as far as the eye could see.

You would encounter very few white settlers, but might run into native populations tending to the land and living off of the wild animals living abundantly in the region. More importantly, you would realize that this territory is much larger than the state we now call Nebraska.

nebraska-treasure-hunting; nebraska gold Over the years, that beautiful uninhabited Nebraska territory was cut down to size to become the state that joined the Union as Nebraska. Settlers first came to the area as fur traders, and then they filed through as passerbys on the Oregon Trail. A telegraph line was developed in Dawson County in the 1870s, and that led to more settlements appearing along the line of communication. Eventually, the state became what we know it to be today.

Fortunately, that rich history now opens the door to exciting Nebraska treasure hunting adventures suitable for the entire family, or just the avid treasure hunter who loves to get down and dirty. Since the gold rush brought many people through Nebraska, a lot of the treasure hunting fables alive today surround lost or buried treasure in various regions of the state.

400 Pounds of Missing Gold

For example, it is believed that a thief known as Lame Johnny stole 400 pounds of gold in the late 1870s. There was a massive search for the gold with a sizable reward offered for its return, which put many gangs and thieves on his tail. There are different stories about how he died and what happened to the gold, but most believe that he was murdered for not revealing where he hid the loot. Since he was no longer around to point anyone in the right direction, it is believed to still be hidden within the state and that reward was never claimed.

Could you be the first to track Lame Johnny’s footsteps and find his loot? Probably not, but these stories are what bring many Nebraska treasure hunters out for a bit of excitement.

Of course, if you are into metal detecting, there it is rumored that millions of dollars in loose change has been scattered throughout the state. The Mormon Trail is also believed to be a great place for metal detectors to come across gold. Metal detectors are big fun in Nebraska, so you might want to bring yours along when you venture through on vacation.

Nebraska Natural Treasures - Fossils

If you are more inclined to go searching for natural treasures, Nebraska has a lot to offer there as well. You can take the entire family to see the preserved fossils of many rhino and smaller animals at Ashfall Fossil Beds State Park. The animals were killed millions of years ago when a volcano erupted and coated the Northeastern region of Nebraska with ash. It was a slow death as the animal’s lungs filled with the ash until they could no longer breathe. Their fossils remain untouched, so you are guaranteed to see these treasures when you visit the park today.

nebraska-treasure-hunting; treasure chest You can also visit the Agate Fossil Beds to see the preserved remains of animals passing through Nebraska over the years. This area is a national monument, so it receives a lot of visitors each year. Areas like this are found throughout the northeaster section of the state, which is one reason Nebraska treasure hunting is such a thrilling pastime for locals and visitors alike. If there is anywhere you can find bones piled for miles on end, it is here!

Exploring fossils is so common in this state that the Nebraska National Forest was funded by Congress to develop an enclosed area of fossil bed to be used by university students and professors for study. This area has contributed to science and the education of many bright young minds from around the country.
Nebraska definitely is a good place for treasure hunting, so load up the family and see what you can find!

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