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Missouri Treasure Hunting - If you head out East from Kansas City on Highway 24, you will come to Levasy, Missouri, the home of Bone Hill. Take H Highway about 1.5 miles south of the city and look up to see this hill.

This is the spot where Native Indians were believed to chase buffalo up the hill, killing them and leaving behind the bones. Other legends report a farming family moving onto the hill, building a stone wall around their property, and burying treasure beside the wall before leaving the property.

All of these legends about Bone Hill took place before the town of Levasy, Missouri was formed, but rumor has it that a light appears every seven years on the hill. It is believed to be the farmer returning for his treasure, since the legend says he vowed to come back in seven years to claim his treasures. He never returned, and every seven years you can find Missouri treasure hunters trying to capture the light on the hill. No buried treasure has ever been found.

missouri-treasure-hunting; missouri coin Legends like these are found in many different areas of Missouri, which makes Missouri treasure hunting an exciting vacation or hobby idea for the entire family. For instance, there is believed to be a hidden copper mine northwest of Jacks Fork, Missouri and Harrisonville is said to be the home of unfound buried Spanish treasure. An old mine in Douglas County is believed to hold more Spaniard gold, buried by Spaniards who had to bury their treasure after their ships were destroyed by Indians.

Missouri treasure hunting is a never-ending adventure, due to so many legends and stories about hidden treasure, lost mines, and Indian battles dotting the landscape with undiscovered loot.

There are also many geological treasures to be discovered in the state, which is why it is often referred to as the “Cave State.” There are caves all over the state, and many are open to the public for guided tours. You could plan an entire vacation just hopping from one cave to another!

One of the most popular caves is the Mark Twain Cave Complex. The area offers a 55 minute tour of the Mark Twain Cave, as well as a 1 hour, 20 minute tour of the Cameron Cave. The Cameron Cave requires you to carry a lantern, since it is so dark in the depths of the cave. There are picnic areas, gift shops, food and drink vendors, and an area where children can pan for semi-precious gemstones. This is a safe place for children to explore the geological treasures of the state.

Natural limestone caverns can be explored at Bluff Dwellers Caverns in Noel Missouri. These natural caverns were discovered in 1925 and have been open to the public for tours since 1927. You won’t find trails and other amenities here, and there is a cost. Operating hours change depending on the season.

missouri-treasure-hunting; missouri map If you want to throw in some outdoor exploration with your underground treasure hunting, head out to the Onondaga Cave and Cathedral Cave. These caves can be explored together Leasburg, Missouri. The Onondaga Cave is a National Natural Landmark, and the area is open for fishing, canoeing, and camping. This is an affordable place to explore and sleep over for campers and RV travelers.

If you are up for a bit of Indian legend, check out Bridal Cave, located 2 miles north of Camdenton. Legend has it that Indians first discovered the cave and held a wedding inside it. Today, thousands of couples have said “I do” inside the cave. It goes beneath Thunder Mountain.

With a little digging, you can find other caves throughout the state. You may also want to add in some above-ground geological exploration by visiting the Mastodon State Historic Site in Imperial, Missouri. There is a riverbed famous for being loaded with fossils, but you can also wander through natural trails or enjoy an afternoon in the free picnic areas. Most Missouri treasure hunting families are drawn to the riverbed where they hope to find remaining fossils.

Geocaching Missouri

If you want some family-friendly Missouri treasure hunting that is safe and easily understood for the smallest members of the family, how about geocaching your way through the state? You can search for hidden treasures, and you will actually find something! That is exciting for every member of the family. The Geocaching website will guide you toward the treasure.

You can also visit the Saint Louis Science Center for some fun. There is a Build-a-Dino workshop, which allows children to create a stuffed dinosaur to take home. This is an extension of the Build-a-Bear retail store, so there is a charge to enjoy this activity.

Missouri treasure hunting is fun for the entire family! What type of treasure will you be digging up on vacation this year?

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