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Mississippi Treasure Hunting - If the allure of hidden treasure and pirate booty call to you in your dreams, then you can make your dreams come true by heading out for a Mississippi treasure hunting adventure. This is a rich state when it comes to legends and stories of pirates hiding their treasures and rebel soldiers hiding elaborate stashes.

While there are many things you can do on a Mississippi vacation today, treasure hunting is the most exciting and rewarding option. There are rich stories of the “fighting Gordons of Greenland” and other groups of southern rebels with roots tracing back to Mississippi. History tells us that one member of the Gordon family hid a massive load of gold, and that this gold has never been found. If you are in Greenland, hunting for that gold could become your hobby.

mississippi-treasure-hunting; mississippi coin James Copeland is another historical figure that you should learn about before going on your Mississippi treasure hunting adventure. He started stealing pocket knives and other items from schoolmates when he was a child. Later in life he became one of the most notorious thieves and murderers in American history. He was hung in Perry Count, Mississippi for his crimes, but it is believed that many of his stolen treasures remain buried along the coastal areas of the state.

The Catahoula Swamp area is another place to hunt for treasure, as the Copeland Gang was believed to hide their treasure in this area. Vicksburg and Greenwood have also been named as potential hiding spots for buried treasures. Of course, you have to learn about the Trail of Tears and explore those areas of Mississippi on your treasure hunting trip.

If pirates are more inspiring to you, head out to the underground tunnels of the Pirate’s House at Bay St. Louis. It is believed that pirate treasures are still within those tunnels somewhere. Ocean Springs is also a popular treasure hunting location for those interested in remaining pirate booty.

As exciting as pirate booty and lost treasure from Mississippi ancestors may be, there are some other forms of treasure to be found in the state. If you walk along the banks of the Mississippi River you may be lucky enough to find fossils sculpted into the banks.

These fossils remain from the Ice Ages, with some Native American artifacts rumored to be found as well. There have even been fossils of extinct animals believed to be the first primates in the U.S. found in Meridian, Mississippi. You never know what will come up in this state.

mississippi-treasure-hunting; mississippi map Many of the fossils are of small sea animals and plants, but they are still exciting to find. You never know when you are going to get lucky and find one of the more valuable fossils still existing in Mississippi. Hunting these fossils has become a popular pastime for many locals, so you may want to make regular Mississippi treasure hunting trips if the hunt appeals to you as well.

If you enjoy hunting for treasure and have an interest in the cultures and natural environments of Mississippi past and present, you should also visit the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. The greenhouse swamp will grab the attention of every member of the family, including the littlest ones. You can also discover a variety of plants and animals known to exist in the start, either now or in the past. This is the safest way to explore the natural treasures existing in the state.

When you are ready to head out of the museum for more family Mississippi treasure hunting, head out to the Wabasha Caves on the west side of Wabasha. These caves have a rich history and have been used for mushroom harvesting, silica mining, gambling, and even teenaged dancing! Do some studying up on the caves before you enter so you know the history of the ground you are exploring. Tours are given through the caves on a daily basis.

If you are in St. Paul you may want to go looking for another cave known as Fountain Cave, but it has long been closed up. There is a sign in the location if you are so inclined to go hunting it out.

When all else fails, consider geocaching your way through Mississippi. You can get the details at www.geocaching.com. This is a fun way to hunt for treasure no matter where you go, but the activity is heavy in the Mississippi National River and Recreation area. This is as close as it gets to a guaranteed way to find treasure on your family trip.

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