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Minnesota Fun Facts

Facts About Minnesota, Funny Laws & Silly Stuff

Minnesota fun facts have you making road trip plans? This list of facts about Minnesota along with some of the silliest laws in the state will tickle your fancy and give you something to write home about.

Minnesota became a part of the union in 1858 and it was the 32nd state to join. Are you ready for more Minnesota fun facts while your making road trip plans? Would you like to find some educational facts about Minnesota that would be fun for your little ones to laugh at? If so, you have come to the right place.

The following Minnesota fun facts can educate and entertain, but more important, all of these facts about Minnesota will bring some fun to your journey through the state while your doing your road trip plans.

Minnesota Fun Facts

minnesota-fun-facts; stamp Get ready for the time of your life, but it all starts with doing your homework and learning some facts about where you are headed during your road trip plans.

Game of Golf anyone?
Minneapolis, Minnesota is a safe haven for golfers. There are more golfers in this city per capita than in any other city of the county.

First in College Basketball
If you love college basketball, you have Minnesota to thank for that enjoyment. In 1895, the very first college level basketball game was held in this very state.

Minnesota Fun Facts

State Name: Minnesota

State Abbreviation: MN

State Capital: St. Paul

Largest City: Minneapolis

State population: 5,303,925

Population Rank: #21/50

Area/Size: 86,938.87 square miles

Area/Size Rank: #12/50

Date became a State: May 11, 1858

Number accepted into the Union: #32/50

Residents are called: Minnesotans

Walk in the sky!
The largest network of connecting skywalks is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This skyway goes on for eight miles!

A first in medical surgery
The first open heart surgery in the world was performed at the University of Minnesota.

Recreational boating
There are more recreational boats in Minnesota than in any other state. It is believed that there is a boat for about every sixth person throughout the state.

Largest Mall in the US
Minnesota is home to the largest shopping mall in the United States. The Mall of America is a major attraction for the state, and hundreds of thousands of visitors come to the state just for this unique shopping experience.

Cheerleading Started Here
The University of Minnesota is responsible for bringing cheerleaders into the world. One person decided to come up with cheers and lead the crowd in support of the University of Minnesota football team.

Football Fact
Football fans can also thank Minnesota for the term “hail Mary pass.” This term was first expressed by a Minnesota football player after a game in which he threw the very first pass of its kind.

In 1912, Minnesota became host to the very first Better Business Bureau. One of their tasks is to protect consumers from fradulant business people.

Yum a Milky Way
Some of the most popular candy bars selling today had their start by the Mars company from Minnesota. Next time you take a bite of a Milky Way or Snickers bar, you will know those products were born from Minnesotan roots.

Happy Town
Haplin, Minnesota was the inspiration for the location seen in Happy Town. This was a television show on ABC in 2010.

Watch out for the kittens
In Darwin, Minnesota, you can find the largest ball of twine in the world. This ball of twine weighs more than 17,000 pounds! Try rolling that out for your kitten to chase.

Rocky and Bullwinkle
Frostbite Falls from the Bullwinkle Show was based on a real location in Minnesota. Even though the name used in the show was fictional, all details were pulled from a real location within this state.

Famous Lumberjack
Many stories of Paul Bunyan were set in Minnesota. The lumberjack from the North Woods is a familiar figure in literary history.

Fun Facts About Minnesota: Silly Minnesota Laws

minnesota-fun-facts; license plate The interesting facts may be over, but there are still some crazy laws that you have to be aware of when venturing through this state:

Public Nuisance
There is a law still on the books that deems any area where mosquitoes “incubate or hatch” to be a public nuisance.

Ever wanted an excuse to grow a Beard? Try living here.
If you are male and live in Brainerd, Minnesota, throw away the razors. Every man in this city is required to grow a beard.

Weird Drunk Law
Alcoholics should all flock to Minnesota. In 2010, a law was passed forbidding anyone from being arrested for drunkenness, even if they are drunk in public.

Facts About Minnesota

State Motto: "The Star of the North"

State Nickname: Gopher State, North Star State

State Bird: Common Loon

State Flower: Pink and white lady's slipper

State Tree: Norway pine
Those poor cats
In Hibbing, Minnesota, there is a law requiring policemen to kill any cats found running at large. You better lock all the windows if you own a cat in this city!

Skunk law
Leave the skunks alone while passing through Minnesota. It is illegal to tease them.

Minnesota is Known For...

Now that you have some great Minnesota fun facts to share with the family, it's time to consider what this state is most well known for while making your road trip plans. This is your final section of facts about Minnesota, so soak it all up. This state is most well-known for Paul Bunyan, the Mall of America, and political relevance

Finally, the last of your Minnesota fun facts is a list of well-known people born in the state:
  • Loni Anderson
  • Jesse Ventura
  • Michele L. Norris
  • Denis McDonough
  • Michele Bachmann
  • Jessica Biel
  • Ann Bancroft
  • Bob Dylan
  • Judy Garland
  • Walter Mondale
  • Prince
  • Jane Russell
  • Marion Ross
  • the Coen brothers

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