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Michigan Treasure Hunting - It is believed that copper mining in Michigan and surrounding northern states began prior to 5,000 BC by unknown mining communities that remain a mystery.

The remains of heavy copper mining were found thousands of years after these unknown populations disappeared, and there is a lot of skepticism about who they were and where they went. What is known is that they had found ways to mine Copper, largely from the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan. This hints to the rich presence of minerals and beautiful rocks to be found in this state, and explains why Michigan treasure hunting remains popular.

michigan-treasure-hunting-01; michigan coin If you are interested in exploring the historical roots of mining in Michigan, check out the Fayette Historic Townsite. It is open from mid-May to mid-October and gives an authentic glimpse into life in an old iron mining town.

Today, the shores of Lake Superior continue to draw treasure hunters from around the country. Families walk the shores looking not just for seashells, but for unusual rocks and gold as well. There are gold panning tours that can be taken by individuals, couples, as well as families. Participants regularly find flakes of gold along the shores.

Gold panning is also popular around Yellow Dog River and the many smaller rivers located throughout the state. The best way to get into the action is to sign up for a gold panning tour with companies operating in the Lake Superior area. If you choose to go on your own, make sure you abide by the law and avoid the following areas:
  • Areas where the land and mineral rights are owned by the state
  • Streams that are not trout streams
  • No natural rivers
  • No protected natural areas
  • No areas with mussel beds

  • It is legal to pan for gold on public property in Michigan, but you have to make sure you stay away from areas that may have private owners for the rights to minerals found on the land.

    Since there was a history of gold mining in the state, Michigan treasure hunting trips may also be planned around abandoned mining sites. There are a variety of active gold mines rumored to be functioning throughout the state, but not all of them may be legit and some may not even exist. If you are a die-hard treasure hunter, you may enjoy trying to track them down in Delta and Menominee counties. For safety be careful around old abandoned mine shafts, especially with children.

    Rock hunting is an exciting pastime for children and families, especially if you have smaller children who won’t have the patience for gold panning. If you want to find beautiful rocks in Michigan, head to the Upper Peninsula around the straits of Mackinac. You can sign up for group rock hunting tours that help you find limestone, gypsum, green talc, and shale.

    michigan-treasure-hunting; panning gold Are fossil expeditions more your thing? Michigan has a rich natural environment that is loaded with fossils! You can strike out on your own in state parks, or sign the family up for group digs arranged throughout the state. If you want to ensure that you find at least small fossils while you are on a dig, look for reputable dig leaders, such as PaleoJoe in Alpena County www.paleojoe.com.

    If you want to explore the current natural environment of Michigan, you may enjoy the natural habitat displays at Grand Rapids Public Museum. They also have carousels and other amusements for children, so it is the perfect day trip for family vacations.

    Another great stop would be the Chippewa Nature Center in Midland. It offers nature trails, rivers, a Wildflower Walkway, and wetland areas. There are also historical structures if you want to go back in Michigan history.

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