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Massachusetts Family Vacation

Share Your Favorite Massachusetts Tourist Attractions

A Massachusetts family vacation would not be complete without visiting some of these great Massachusetts tourist attractions! Share your favorite places to visit in Massachusetts or read what other families are doing with their road trip plans.

Throwing together a Massachusetts family vacation is easy and fun no matter how much time you have on hand. You can stick to the well known cities like Boston and visit the Children's Museum, Harvard University, and quite a few parks for leisure exercise and relaxation.

massachusetts-family-vacation-01; massachusetts postage stamp Or, you may want to drive the RV out into more remote locations and add a historical element to your Massachusetts family vacation.

Head out west to Berkshire Hills and experience the Shaker lifestyle.

This outdoor Shaker museum stretches for more than 1,000 acres and offers entertainment as well as enlightenment for children and adults.

Some of the more popular areas for a Massachusetts family vacation include Nantucket Island, Martha's Vineyard, and Cape Cod.

Have you visited any of these areas? If so, give us the details and rate the destination from 1-5.

Its easy to do. Here is a review from one reader:

Arnold's Lobster and Clam Bar in Eastham, MA

My favorite family-friendly tourist attraction in Massachusetts is Arnold's Lobster & Clam Bar on Route 6 in Eastham, MA. You can find their website at: http://www.arnoldsrestaurant.com.

massachusetts-family-vacation-02; arnolds lobster and clam bar There are a number of reasons why this is a great family place to visit anytime you're on Cape Cod.

First of all, most families vacationing on Cape Cod will want to enjoy some of the freshest seafood EVER!

In addition to that, Arnold's has a nice little ice cream stand that will please all ages.

They even have a mini golf course to make this a true family outing.

Whether you're a seafood lover or not, Arnold's will make a seafood lover out of you. Almost everything is caught locally. Not locally meaning the seafood farm in the nearest city. Meaning locally off the coast in the next town over. The freshest oysters, clams, shrimp and fish.

Oh, did I mention lobster? Lobsters of all sizes can be had here, freshly steamed with butter. My wife and daughter turn their nose up at fish because the fish you normally find at your supermarket tastes and smells like fishy fish. At Arnolds, every piece of seafood tastes like you're a king or queen being fed the finest food in the world.

Walk right around the corner, and enjoy dessert with some of the best homemade ice cream. A great selection of flavors makes this stand turn everyone into a kid again. They have cones and sundaes, or just a scoop in a cup. And what a scoop! I challenge you to eat two scoops!

The mini golf course is a great way to work off all that good eating, and can be fun for all ages.

Pass on your experience for the enrichment of other families and then keep reading for ideas to plan your next Massachusetts family vacation. Read through our reviews of Massachusetts tourist attractions and feel free to share your favs for other traveling families road trip plans.

What's Your Favorite Family-Friendly Tourist Attraction in Massachusetts?

Do you have a great experience to share? Tell us what places we should visit in Massachusetts!

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