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Maine Fun Facts

Facts About Maine, Funny Laws & Silly Stuff

Maine fun facts encouraging you to plan your next road trip with kids? Whether you are traveling through the state looking for interesting facts about Maine to read as you go, or you just want to have a good laugh, this page will help you out.

Are you heading to Maine for vacation or exploration on your next road trip with kids? Picking up some true and entertaining Maine fun facts can liven up the trick for everyone traveling with you. Use the facts about Maine listed here to come up with trivia questions and stump everyone in the RV with little known Maine fun facts.

You can even use some of these facts about Maine to educate your children without letting them feel like they are being educated.

Maine Fun Facts

maine-fun-facts-01; state outline The best way to learn is through fun, so let's get right to the top ten facts about Maine:

Not Tongue Tied
What is the only state in the country to have a one-syllable name?


You can use this fact for a challenging trivia question that kids can typically figure out with some thought.

Just Beachy
When you think of beaches and fun in the sun you probably think of California, but that will change now that you are studying up on your Maine fun facts. There are more than 5,000 miles of coastline in this state. That's more coastline than you will find in California!

Toothpick Talk
Every time you walk out of a steakhouse you are passing something that this state dominates: toothpicks. This state produces the vast majority of wooden toothpicks put on the market today.

Maine Fun Facts

State Name: MAINE

State Abbreviation: ME

State Capital: Augusta

Largest City: Portland

State population:1,328,361

Population Rank: #41/50

Area/Size:35,384.65 square miles

Area/Size Rank: #39/50

Date became a State:Mar. 15, 1820

Number accepted into the Union: #23/50

Residents are called: Mainers

Lights On
There is something else that you will find in ample supply in Maine: lighthouses.

There are over 60 lighthouses in this state, so plan to stop off at a few of them as you venture through.

How Dandy
Have you ever tasted dandelion greens?

Maybe not, but there is a cannery in Wilton that cans nothing but this particular type of green.

In fact, the dandelion greens are imported for the simple purpose of being canned.

Old York
In 1642, the city of York was the first city to be incorporated in this country.

There may not be a lot to see there today, but it was definitely a place worth talking about back in those days.

Earliest Sunrise
Where does the sun shine first when it comes up for a bright new day? This is another one of the best Maine fun facts for travel trivia games. The sun shines first on Eastport, which is the most eastern city in the country.

Lost in Nature
As you travel through Maine you will find tons of opportunity to get out in nature, but don't be surprised if you end up getting a bit lost. There is more forest coverage in this state than any other state in the country. Over nine-tenths of the land is covered in forests.

LL Bean
Most people love to look through the L.L. Bean catalogue, but most have no idea where that merchandise actually comes from. It comes from Maine, of course. The city of Freeport is the home of this popular manufacturer.

Favorite Foods
Lobster and blueberries don't go together very well on the plate, but they have done amazing things for the economy in Maine. Every year 40 million pounds of lobster will be pulled in from the sea from the coast of this state alone.

That's about 90% of the lobster caught in the entire country! 99% of the blueberries picked in this country also come from this state. This is one of the facts about Maine that can be a bit hard to swallow.

Facts About Maine: Silly Maine Laws

maine-fun-facts-02; state sign Now that you're armed with some educational and entertaining facts about this state while on your road trip with kids, it's time to get silly.

These laws are all outdated and quite funny, but they are still on the books and could technically be used against you.

Don’t Forget Your Parachute
Once your airplane leaves the runway, it is too late to change your mind and go back home.

Law prevents you from stepping out of a plane while it is in flight.

Guns Required
If there is one thing you have never done in church, it probably has something to do with packing the heat. That is, unless you live in Maine. State law makes it a requirement to carry a gun to church in the event of an Indian attack. So much for scalping with knives!

Facts About Maine

State Motto:Dirigo (which means "I Direct")
State Nickname: Pine Tree State
State Bird: Black-capped chickadee
State Flower: White pine cone and tassel
State Tree: Eastern white pine
Every neighborhood has a house or two that leaves the icicle lights up year round.

That's the lazy way of decorating for the holidays, but it is not tolerated in this state.

Those who have decorations hanging outside after the 14th of January risk being hit with a fine.

Get Laced
Before you get out of the RV, line up your children and check their shoes. Make sure everyone knows how to tie their laces and watch them closely as they walk around Maine. If they are caught walking in the streets with loose laces they could be charged with a crime. There is no age limit on this law, so check your own shoes as well.

Busted Strings
It is also illegal to play the violin as you walk around the streets in Augusta, Maine. You will have to settle for banging the drums or just take out the pots and pans for New Year's Eve.

Maine is Best Known For...

You've had your fill of Maine fun facts, but don't run off just yet. There are still some basic facts about Maine that you may not know. For instance, did you know that Patrick Dempsey and Bette Davis were both born in Maine?

One final addition to this list of Maine fun facts: the state is best known for its lobsters and weather.
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