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Louisiana Treasure Hunting

RV Road Trips Treasure Hunting in Louisiana

Louisiana treasure hunting can be a great addition to the best RV road trips. Learn all about treasure hunting in Louisiana and see if its the right fit for your next family vacation adventure.

Louisiana is probably most known for Mardi Gras, Cajun food and the city of New Orleans. The rich history of the region, however, means that there is a wide variety of exciting, intriguing and mysterious Louisiana treasure hunting adventures to enjoy.

From gold panning for a chance to add more money to your vacation budget to a chance to explore historical sites and dig for gold treasure, treasure hunting in Louisiana is an opportunity that should not be missed on your rv road trips!

louisiana-treasure-hunting-01; louisiana name One activity that families may want to find time to indulge in while enjoying the state is taking part in the worldwide game of geocaching.

The scavenger hunt game uses handheld navigation systems to hide and seek caches containing all kinds of interesting "treasures" throughout Louisiana.

Through trekking around to find these items you can create shared memories with other families that enjoy road trips and make new friends.

Louisiana treasure hunting for gold can be a rewarding exercise that gets you interacting with the great outdoors and having fun as a family while on your rv road trips.

Ultimately, however, finding some gold is the ultimate aim! To ensure your family walks away with some glittery gold when treasure hunting in Louisiana, find out where gold has been previously found.

In 1887, newspaper reports stated that gold and silver had been found by panning the creeks within the Great Parish region of Louisiana. Today, gold panning can still pay off. Locals have reported finding gold in gravel pits in Catahoula Parish and in creek beds in the city of Jena in central Louisiana.

Typically, all that is needed is a gold pan to get your family started. Dredge machines, however, can also be used to find gold hidden deeper within creek beds.

The use of a metal detector to find ancient hidden treasures can also be lucrative when Louisiana treasure hunting. Armed with a metal detector, you can go tramping through Louisiana sites mentioned in local legends. For instance, in the swamps along the Dugdemona River in Winnfield, Spanish officials stashed a trove of gold but later were unable to find the stash.

An alternative treasure hunting in Louisiana legend that you may want to research is that of the Chretien family caches believed to be located at Chretien Point. Chretien Point is a plantation mansion built in 1831 by Hippolyte Chretien.

Both he and his wife Felicité are thought to have buried treasure somewhere on the property. Reports of ghost on the property have also flourished throughout the years.

louisiana-treasure-hunting-02; panning gold One of the most talked about treasures in Louisiana is that associated with the pirate Jean Lafitte.

Lafitte made a fortune by capturing slave ships and selling slaves to smugglers for a discount.

When in Louisiana treasure hunting for the pirate's riche, there are several locations where the pirate is thought to have hidden his goods.

Lafitte is rumored to have buried as much as $1 million in gold at Kelso Island.

Coca Island, Grand Isle and Jefferson Island are also said to hold some of Lafitte's ill-gotten goods.

Millions more of Lafitte's loot is rumored to be buried along the Southern Louisiana coast. A search of newspapers from the early 1800s, visits to local libraries and a talk with knowledgeable locals can help adventure seeking families decide where to conduct a search.

Those engaging in Louisiana treasure hunting may be relieved to know that not all of treasures are not just rumors, locals and other visitors have actually made a few significant finds. In Western Louisiana, for instance, the dry bed at the mouth of the Calcasieu River yielded a find of $75,000.

Searching for gold or other lost treasure in Louisiana while on your rv road trips can be an inexpensive and fun activity. There are some rules to treasure hunting in Louisiana, however, that you will want to be aware of. Prospecting is not allowed on national parks or on private lands unless you obtain permission from the landowners.

For metal detecting, it is usually recommended that you get the landowners permission in writing. Local laws may also exist that explain whether or not metal detecting is allowed within a town or city park.

Remember, when using a metal detector during Louisiana treasure hunting, these devices are good for more than just finding ancient treasures. Visits to popular tourist attractions can lead to finding gold rings, silver coins and other modern treasures lost by tourist while on your rv road trips.
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