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Louisiana Tourist Attractions

Top 10 Attractions for Road Trip Louisiana

Louisiana tourist attractions for the family can be found right here. Build your list of attractions for road trip based on the RV Travel with Kids top 10 picks for best places to visit with this Louisiana tourist information.

Finding Louisiana tourist attractions is not difficult for most people, but it can be a bit trickier to find Louisiana tourist information for attractions that cater to families. You may have older children who want more adventure and excitement or younger children who need stimulation of a different variety. You may need Louisiana tourist attractions that can cater to both older children and young toddlers.

Following is Louisiana tourist information for ten of the best family destinations in Louisiana. Which ones do you think will be the most exciting for your family?

Best Roadside Attraction: Abita Mystery House

louisiana-tourist-attractions-01; louisiana sign If you're heading to New Orleans, you have to stop along the side of the road and check out this massive collection of odd objects, odd creations, and odd piles of junk.

Of course, junk is in the eye of the beholder, right?

It's like going to the most unusual yard sale ever, except nothing is for sale and you may have no idea what much of it is.

You will find this interesting museum just outside of New Orleans in Abita Springs. A great attractions for road trip addition.

Abita Mystery House

Best Tourist Attraction: The French Quarter

You can find just about anything you want to do in the New Orlean's French Quarter. There is nightlife to keep your feet grooving and your mind carefree and walking ghost tours to keep you up until morning.

You can also find some of the best New Orleans festivals held in this quarter. Some will even be family friendly, but you have to read up and make sure the events you choose are suitable for children that may be traveling with you.

The French Quarter

Best Factory Tour: Mardi Gras Tour

Mardi Gras attractions for road trip may not be a family-friendly event, but touring Mardi Gras World to see how the magic of the event is brought to life is rated G. You could say it is rated F for family even. When you tour this amazing facility you will see how the masters bring this exciting festival to life and will even encounter some larger than life personalities as they work toward the next Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras Tour

Best Place to See Animals: Global Wildlife Center

This wildlife preserve is one of the most amazing Louisiana tourist attractions for families. Your children will get to see real giraffes, camels, zebras, and a few other animals that they may not even know what to call at first glimpse. Go through the preserve at your own pace and take in the sites. Enjoy the day immersed in nature and bond with those you love the most!

Global Wildlife Center

Best Place to Get Wet: Blue Bayou

Blue Bayou isn't just another amusement park. It is the home of some of the world's most daring slides and rides. If you are searching for Louisiana tourist information about tornado slides and water racers, you will find yourself right at home in this amazing park.

If you are searching for Louisiana tourist attractions that will entertain your older children as well as adults traveling with you, this is definitely want to find this park in Baton Rouge.

Blue Bayou

Best Place to Eat: Cafe du Monde

This is a simple yet incredibly delicious coffee stand offering some of the best coffee in New Orleans. Plus, they are the home of the world famous beignets, delicious fried dough covered in powdered sugar. (Don't wear a black shirt!)

My dad was born and raised in New Orleans, and speaks of Cafe du Monde as one of his favorite destinations. He took my mom there on their honeymoon! Make sure to make a stop when you need a little pick-up for your travels.

Cafe du Monde

Best Festival: Bonnie and Clyde Festival

If you're in Louisiana in May, make sure to check out the unique Bonnie and Clyde festival that happens every year in Gibsland. The festival celebrates the famous couple who worked their magic through robbery in the early 1900s. This is a family-friendly destination that could be lots of fun for children of all ages. Of course, adults and older children will understand more and may get more of an educational slant out of the visit.

Bonnie and Clyde Festival

Best Family Adventure: Swamp Tour Adventure

There are lots of nature tours that you can experience in any state of the country, but you will never find anything quite like the swamp tours being offered in Marrero, Louisiana on this list of Louisiana tourist attractions. The swamps are a unique geographical feature to this country, but they aren't safe to just wander into alone.

Through the tours you can board a boat and explore the swamps and all the wildlife that lives there in completely safety. This is a great opportunity for your children to see some animals that won't be found in your local zoo.

Make sure to bring along the camera because you will find many amazing things just begging for a Kodak moment.

Swamp Tour Adventure

Best Historical Site: Melrose Plantation

louisiana-tourist-attractions-02;old house and canon Plantations have a special place in southern history, so you could easily use Louisiana tourist attractions like this one as educational elements to your family vacation.

You will get to walk on land and through housing that has been alive for generations and which has seen things that most of us today can't dare imagine.

Immerse your family in the history of the south with this beautiful, intriguing, and mysterious plantation.

Melrose Plantation

Best Ghost Story: The Lalaurie House

While you're visiting the French Quarter, take some time look up factual Louisiana tourist information about this house on Royal Street. This is one of the many Louisiana tourist attractions that are very intriguing to older children and adults.

There is a lot to get spooked out about when it comes to this house, so do your research and then step inside to see if you feel the chill going up your spine.

The Lalaurie House
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