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Lost Treasure in Idaho

Idaho Treasure Hunting for the Whole Family

Lost treasure in Idaho! Sounds intriguing, right? Make sure your family travel ideas have you considering Idaho treasure hunting.

The search for lost treasure in Idaho can put a smile at your face that will have you fondly reflecting on your adventure vacation for years to come. Idaho is a popular location for parents trying to give their children interactive, hands on educational opportunities for Idaho treasure hunting.

Gold prospecting, touring gold mines, digging for buried gold, exploring pioneer treasures, fossil hunting and searching for gemstones and minerals are lively family welcoming activities to enjoy. Ultimately, an Idaho road trip will be an authentic experience that will foster family bonding and create one-of-a-kind memories that linger forever.

lost-treasure-in-idaho-01; gemstones Idaho treasure hunting and the search for gold started before Idaho was a state or even a territory!

Before the 1860s, visitors to the region were mainly passing through on their way to settle in Oregon or to join the California Gold Rush.

As the California Gold Rush died down, miners began looking for other regions where gold might be discovered.

In 1860 Elias Davidson Pierce became the first person to discover gold in Idaho in what is now Pierce.

Then in 1862, gold was discovered in the Boise Basin in central Idaho. These two separate gold discoveries would usher in a gold rush only second in scope to the California Gold Rush and make the discovery of lost treasure in Idaho a very rewarding excursion.

For families enthused about learning about what life was like for early pioneers, walking through historic mining towns and ghost towns can be a thrilling and enchanting experience which adds to your family travel ideas. As gold was first discovered in Pierce, a visit to this historic town is a pleasure not to be missed!

Pierce is located along the Gold Rush Historic Byway, a 42-mile round trip route located on Idaho 11. RV parks, campgrounds, fishing, skiing and hiking can also be enjoyed in the region.

Of course, Idaho City also has plenty of remains from the Boise Basin gold rush era that families interested in Idaho treasure hunting might want to explore when thinking about family travel ideas. The Boise Basin Museum, for instance, provides an in-depth look at life in the Old West and features 19th century style buildings.

For families really looking for an authentic look at lost treasure in Idaho touring former gold mines and ghost towns near Idaho City or Boise is a special experience and a great addition to your family travel ideas.

Ghost towns in the region include Pioneerville, Neal Placerville, and Centerville.

Wondering what it was actually like to mine underground? Search for lost treasure in Idaho with a visit to the Crystal Gold Mine in Kellogg. The mine dates back from the 1880s and offers guided tours and free RV parking.

The Idaho region is popular for those looking for gold nuggets, loot from the Wild West days, pioneer artifacts, arrowheads and other Indian artifacts. To truly experience the thrill of searching for lost treasure in Idaho do a little research beforehand to choose a location where treasure is believed to be located. For instance, those looking for hidden gold might want to try searching for place deposits at the Boise Basin or the Clearwater River.

lost-treasure-in-idaho-02; idaho name When Idaho treasure hunting, do not forget about the lure of precious stone; although early miners come to Idaho in search of gold, they quickly searched out other minerals as gold deposits dwindled.

By the end of the 1800s, silver had been discovered.

Today, Idaho is well known for having rich deposits of various gemstones and crystals to add to family collections.

The most notable Idaho gemstone is the Star Garnet, the state gem.

This rare garnet type is a valuable collector's item and is only found in Idaho and the country of India. Families looking to get their hands on these uncommon gems can take a trip to Emerald Creek Garnet Area near Clarkia in Northern Idaho.

Another lost treasure in Idaho that is also a sought after gem is opal, the gem known for its dazzling beauty. At the family owned Spencer Opal Mine in Spencer Idaho, families can explore their curiosity about these brilliant gemstones while taking advantage of the full hook-up RV park.

Although some might not qualify fossils as lost treasure in Idaho, fossils represent important historical knowledge, and they offer an appealing way of teaching about bygone eras. Those interested in Idaho treasure hunting can include fossil hunting in their trip with a visit to the Fossil Bowl located near the Creek Garnet Area. The site offers a large collection of prehistoric fossils just waiting to be added to your family collection.
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