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Leisure Lake Membership Resort Campground, Joliet, Illinois

by The Perkins
(RV Travel with Kids)

We stayed a Saturday night in August 2011 at Leisure Lake Membership Resort Campground in Joliet, Illinois. They are a membership resort, which means if you are not part of their club or their affiliations, you need to be a part of Good Sam or Passport America in order to stay there. We are members of both Good Sam and Passport America, but Passport America gave us a better discount. It was $25 for the night (strangely, no tax).

They do not accept reservations at all, which was disconcerting until you realize that they are a membership resort, and us overnighters are NOT their priority. Their members are. Still, we took the chance since it was the location we needed to be on the way to somewhere else, and did not have a problem getting in.

Getting there, our navigation system (yes, she's a few years old) went all squirrelly and put us out in the middle of a residential area. Then we finally got back on the right track, but turned off the right path after seeing a “dead end” sign (but not noticing the sign from Leisure Lake saying we needed to continue down that path) and dreading turning the RV around in a narrow spot. But, eventually, we found it.

The park is very well maintained. There is a swimming pool, a lake with boats, a swimming beach (Ed wouldn't go in because he feared fish would bite his toes; we debated with one another about the fact that the swimming beach was most likely man-made, but he finally just took the kids to the pool.)

There are also multiple bathroom facilities, clean. But there aren't enough showers. Ed went down to the showers but found that while there were three toilet stalls, there was only one shower, and a line had built up.

There are also recreational activities such as tennis, beanbags, playgrounds, campfire pits, and pavilions. Really a great park!

We were given a corner spot that I'm sure they reserve for non-member overnighters. While all the other spots looked nice, ours was slightly shorter (we had to disconnect the truck, but the slot next to ours did not have to do so). Also, for some reason, the electric was not on the same side as the water (sewage was available on both sides). Neither cord would reach, so we had to make a decision on which was more important; water or electric. Well, it just so happened that we did not need water (we had broken a hose so had no running water to the RV to begin with, and hadn't had a chance to fix it yet) so we chose electric. Otherwise, we would have had to return to the office to get a different spot!

Overall, I'd say spend a couple days here if you have the chance. Plenty of outdoorsy stuff to do, and fun for the kids. Our internet card got awesome service here; we were able to watch two movies on Netflix and run two additional computers at the same time.

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