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Interesting Facts About Maryland

Maryland Facts, Funny Laws & Silly Stuff

Interesting facts about Maryland should give you something to think about and laugh about. This list of Maryland facts is perfect for helping you plan your road trip with kids.

These Maryland fun facts can be used as trivia questions to stump your family or entertainment to distract the kids during travel on your road trip with kids. Many Maryland facts presented here are also fun educational opportunities for your children.

Read through these interesting facts about Maryland on your own then present them to your children as you move through the state. Even better, have your children read these Maryland facts and discuss what they find the most interesting and fun during your road trip with kids.

Interesting Facts about Maryland

interesting-facts-about-maryland-01; state outline What is there to know about Maryland that you don't already know?

You may be surprised at what fun can be found in this state, so let's get right down to business...

Family Fun
The Inner Harbor of Baltimore is one of the most family-friendly places to visit.

It is the home of the National Aquarium, which is a major attraction for children as well as adults.

First Public School
The very first public school in the U.S. was the King Williams School. It was a Maryland school that opened doors in the late 1600s. Even then, education was valued for most citizens.

Sailing Lessons
North America has very limited commercial sailing fleets. In fact, the only one in the entire country is located on Tilghman Island of Maryland. The fleet is known as the Skipjacks.

Interesting Facts About Maryland

State Name: MARYLAND

State Abbreviation:MD

State Capital:Annapolis

Largest City:Baltimore

State population: 5,773,552

Population Rank: #19/50

Area/Size: 12,406.68 square miles

Area/Size Rank: #42/50

Date became a State:April 28, 1788

Number accepted into the Union: #7/50

Residents are called: Marylanders

Musical Origins
On September 14, 1814, Fort McHenry of Baltimore Harbor was attacked.

Watching this attack was lawyer Francis Scott Key, who went on to write the national anthem we all sing with our hands over our hearts today.

"O say can you see..."

Generous Benefactor
Maryland is not complete today.

One of the most interesting facts about Maryland is that the state sacrificed some of it's rightful land when Washington D.C. was formed.

That is the sacrifice required to create our great capital.

Lighted Attack
In the early 1800s, the British were on the attack and the small town of Saint Michaels came up with a brilliant plan to thwart their onslaught.

They were warned of an upcoming attack and climbed up into trees and to the masts of ships to fasten many bright lights throughout the town. These lights threw off the targets of the British forces, ensuring that most of their cannons were shot too high to hit their homes. Only one home was actually hit in that attack. It is now called the Cannonball House.

Minimum Wage
If you have ever worked for minimum wage you can thank Maryland for your fair paycheck. This was the first state to use the Workmen's compensation law. This law code was made legal in 1902.

Planned Town
The United States did not come about in an orderly fashion in most ways. This is most evident in the haphazard way most cities were formed. That is, most cities other than Greenbelt, Maryland.

This city was the first to be formed on purpose and with a strategic plan. It was essentially an early social planning experiment. This is one of those Maryland facts that can be turned into an educational day trip on your venture through the state.

Tidal Talk
There is nearly 5,000 miles of tidal shoreline located in Maryland. This includes the islands in the state. 16 of the 23 state counties rest on tidal water.

Bridge of Wonder
There is one thing in Maryland that cannot be found anywhere else in the world: an open railroad bridge made of wrought iron and cast iron. While this may not be a great wonder of the world, it is one of the best interesting facts about Maryland to be turned into a vacation destination.

Maryland Facts: Silly Maryland Laws

interesting-facts-about-maryland-02; state sign That's enough of the facts, but what about laws that you may need to watch out for?

These laws aren't in practice today, but they could be since they still sit on the books...

Lipstick Lows
Lock up the lipstick and warn your little boys to be proper and ladylike.

Boys under the age of 10 are forbidden to wear lipstick in this state!

Girls can wear whatever they want in their color of choice.

Awkward Aging
If you're traveling with the elderly make sure not to go into Maryland near their birthday. Citizens that live past the age of 90 are legally required to apologize for being alive every year that they survive their birthday. The apology has to be public, so no mumbling under your breath.

Maryland Facts

State Motto: "Fatti Maschii, Parole Femine" Manly Deeds, Womanly Words
State Nickname: Old Line State
State Bird: Baltimore Oriole
State Flower: Black-eyed Susan
State Tree: White Oak
Rent a Room
Making out can be a lot of things, but there isn't much passion involved in this state.

If your kiss goes on for more than a second you are in violation of state law.

This could be a great thing if you are tired of your spouse's constant PDA.

Oyster Love
Your feelings about oysters don't matter. Love them or hate them, you have to respect them in Maryland. Why? Because they are protected creatures in this state, that's why! It is actually illegal to mistreat your oysters.

Hay Woes
Farming was once a way of life through the U.S. and this is one of those crazy laws that make you wonder about that lifestyle: you cannot throw bales of hay out of second story windows. This only applied to windows located within the limits of Baltimore.

Maryland is Best Known For...

If you're tired of reading interesting facts about Maryland and are ready to start exploring, the end of the road has finally arrived. If, on the other hand, you just can't get enough Maryland facts, there are just a few more interesting facts about Maryland to consider.

This state is most known for its crabs and fresh seafood, but you may also recognize these people who were all born right here:
  • Spiro Agnew
  • Frank Zappa
  • Nancy Pelosi
  • Kathie Lee Gifford
  • Martin Lawrence
  • David Hasselhof
  • Clara Barton

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