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Interesting Facts about Kansas

Kansas Facts, Funny Laws & Silly Stuff

Interesting facts about Kansas to get you talking! Whether you are looking for the perfect Kansas road trip planning guide information, or just want to benefit your general knowledge, this Kansas facts page is for you.

Are you ready for some interesting facts about Kansas while making your road trip planning guide? There are a lot of Kansas facts that center on the rich American Indian heritage in the state, but there is a lot more to learn about this state.

Spend a bit of time with these interesting facts about Kansas and you will find yourself guiding the family through the state as if you were born an expert on the most interesting Kansas facts. A great addition to your road trip planning guide.

Interesting Facts about Kansas

interesting-facts-about-kansas-01; outline of state From geography and historical landmarks to unusual landmarks, there are a lot of interesting and educational things to learn about Kansas:

Windy Woes
If you're driving through Dodge City make sure to roll up the convertible roof and brace yourself for the vicious snap of wind.

This is the windiest city in the country, after all!

Center of It All
Make a stop off in Smith County, Kansas and park the RV.

Get the kids out and tell them they are standing at the exact geographical center of the country. Not many people can identify the most central point of the country, but now you can.

Purdy Plates
If you like the wheat design on the Kansas license plate, you aren't alone. In 1981 this design was awarded for being the most beautiful design in the country.

Interesting Facts about Kansas

State Name: KANSAS

State Abbreviation: KS

State Capital: Topeka

Largest City: Wichita

State population: 2,853,118

Population Rank: #33/50

Area/Size: 82,276.84 square miles

Area/Size Rank: #15/50

Date became a State: Jan. 29, 1861

Number accepted into the Union: #34/50

Residents are called: Kansans

Wheat Wins
It makes sense that Kansas license plates feature wheat, since this is such an important crop to the state.

Wheat farmers are so important that you can find a statue of Johnny Kaw in Manhattan that stands 30 feet in the air.

This is a great stop off on your trip if you want to teach your children about the local culture and economy.

Hail Hurts!
Here is one of the most interesting facts about Kansas for trivia games: a stone of hail that weighed over 1.5 pounds is said to have landed in Coffeyville, Kansas in the past.

This is just another reason to roll up the convertible top and brace yourself when driving through this state.

Nurse Names
Barton County, Kansas was named after a famous Civil War volunteer nurse, Clara Barton.

This is important because it is the only county in the state named after a female.

Cushy Beds
What does a horse lie down on during surgery? They lay on waterbeds specially designed for them if you are at the College of Veterinary Medicine at the Kansas State University. This is one of the best Kansas facts if you are looking for fun trivia questions.

Pizza Pros
Wichita, Kansas was the lucky founder of Pizza Hut. The very first restaurant in this mega chain opened in this city many years ago.

Cave Crazy
If caves are exciting explorations for your family, Kansas is the perfect state to play in. There are currently 528 caves and counting identified throughout the state. The Kansas Speleological Society is in charge of cataloguing these caves and has found them present in almost 40 counties throughout the state. Commanche County has over 120 caves alone while Barber County is said to have a minimum of 117 caves.

Breaking Bread
This is the last of the interesting facts about Kansas: the wheat grown in this state in the year 1997 could have been baked into 35.9 billion loaves of bread to feed millions of people. In that one year alone the state produced close to 500 million bushels of the crop.

Kansas Facts: Silly Kansas State Laws

interesting-facts-about-kansas-02; state sign While making your road trip planning guide, there are few things funnier than the old and outdated laws still sitting on the books around the country.

Brace yourself here because all five of these Kansas laws could technically get the book thrown at you:

Be Nice with Knives
If you see a man wearing a striped suit in Natoma, resist the urge to use them for target practice with your knives.

Law in this city dictates that you cannot throw knives at men dressed in striped suits.

A La NO!
Ice cream and cherry pie may be an American treat, but it is completely illegal in Kansas. Ice cream on top of cherry pie is completely outlawed here.

Presidential Respect
You've heard of calling kings "Your Majesty" but what about "George Washington, blessed be his name?" It is completely forbidden to speak this former President's name without adding this term of respect.

Kansas Facts

State Motto: "Ad astra per aspera" - To the stars through difficulties

State Nickname: Sunflower State

State Bird: Western Meadowlark

State Flower: Sunflower

State Tree: Cottonwood

Light Up
You may want to get out of the RV and stretch your legs while on vacation, but you'll need specially designed pants to do so after dark in Kansas.

Law dictates that all pedestrians must wear tail lights after dark.

Whale Watching
There isn't much water in Kansas and the land doesn't border on the ocean. Spotting a whale in this state would be a miracle unless you're at Sea World. So, why is it that hunting whales is illegal in the state? You can only wonder.

Kansas is Known For...

All of those interesting facts about Kansas will make your road trip planning guide through the state a lot more enjoyable, but there are more Kansas facts where they came from. To prove it, here are a few more of the most interesting facts about Kansas to take on the road with you: the state is best known for bringing President Dwight D. Eisenhower into the world along with these famous names:
  • Melissa Etheridge
  • Martina McBride
  • Amelia Earhart
  • Kirstie Alley
  • Ed Asner
  • Don Johnson
  • Wyatt Earp
  • Of course the state is also known for the Wizard of Oz, crazy tornadoes, and those tall, beautiful sunflowers now grown around the country.
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