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Interesting Facts About Iowa

Iowa Fun Facts, Funny Laws & Silly Stuff

Interesting facts about Iowa and silly laws to get you thinking, smiling, and amazed. View these Iowa fun facts and use this as your road trip planning guide if you've a desire to see the state.

Welcome to the rolling hills of Iowa! You will enjoy traveling through this state during your road trip planning guide, but you will have a lot more fun when you take the time to explore some interesting facts about Iowa. Kick off your shoes and be entertained by these Iowa fun facts for a while. Your trip will be enriched as a result.

Interesting Facts about Iowa

interesting-facts-about-iowa-01; state outline Let's get the wheels rolling right away with 10 interesting facts about Iowa.

You will find these Iowa fun facts educational and more than a little enlightening for the entire family during your road trip planning guide.

Famous Bridges
The oldest Bridge of Madison County is the Imes Bridge sitting in this state.

It is the oldest of all six famous bridges.

Old Towns
While you're exploring things of age in the state, why not learn about the oldest city in the state as well? This city would be Dubuque, so consider making a stop off to see how it has aged with time.

Interesting Facts about Iowa

State Name: IOWA

State Abbreviation: IA

State Capital: Des Moines

Largest City: Des Moines

State population: 3,046,355

Population Rank: #30/50

Area/Size: 56,271.55 square miles

Area/Size Rank: #26/50

Date became a State: Dec. 28, 1846

Number accepted into the Union: #29/50

Residents are called:Iowans

Large Berries
If you like strawberries so juicy you have to lick your fingers and wash your hands after snacking, you have to make a stop off in Strawberry Point.

This is the proud home of the largest strawberry in the world.

Sizeable Settlements
Speaking of things with notable size, you can visit Elk Horn, Iowa to see the largest Danish settlement in the country.

That refers to Danish heritage, not the Danish you devour on your breakfast plate.

Education Greats
Education is important and Iowa has a rich history of educating the masters at the higher level.

Iowa State University just happens to be the longest standing land grant college in the country.

Island Habitat
Did you know that Iowa has an island? Most people think of Hawaii when an island is mentioned, but there is one town in Iowa that also resides on an island. This would be the town of Sabula.

Up Up and Away
Spend some time floating away with the National Balloon Museum in Indianola. This museum covers over 200 years of ballooning history and is an educational stopping point for children of all ages. This is one of the interesting facts about Iowa that can actually help you plan a great vacation in the state.

Raging Rivers
Go to the east or venture to the west and you will be met with water. The Missouri River sits on one end of this state and the Mississippi River sits on the opposite end. You will need to exit and enter to the north and south unless your RV floats on water.

Spelling Bee
How many of your children can spell Iowa correctly? This is an unusual state name because it starts with two vowels. No other state name begins that way.

RV Home
If you're traveling in your RV you have to stop off in Winnebago County. This is the birthplace of the very popular Winnebago.

Fun Facts About Iowa: Silly Iowa Laws

interesting-facts-about-iowa-02; state coin Those are all the Iowa fun facts on tap today, but what about some crazy laws that could land you in jail?

State jail isn't really your thing, so pay attention to these little known loopholes that could be used to nail you during your road trip planning guide :

We All Scream for Ice Cream
The first silly law could double as one of the most interesting facts about Iowa for your children: The Ice Cream Man is illegal in this state!

Forget about that annoying music playing loudly from the little white truck because it could get you thrown behind bars.

Time for Kissing
If you like to pull that someone special close and feel their lips on your own, make sure to set the stopwatch before you begin. Kisses lasting more than five minutes are illegal in this state.

Iowa Fun Facts

State Motto: "Our liberties win prize and our rights we will maintain"
State Nickname: Hawkeye State
State Bird: Eastern goldfinch
State Flower: Wild rose
State Tree: Oak
Pay Up
What else is illegal in this state?

Running a tab at the local bar, that's what.

You can't kiss and you can't pay for your beer later.

Who would ever want to live here?

When riding horses for pleasure in Indiana, make sure to avoid all fire hydrants. If the horse decides to take a nibble of the hydrant you could find yourself breaking the law.

Hunting Ban
You also can't hunt down aircraft in this state, so keep your bow and arrow in the RV. You may hear the hum in the sky over head, but contain yourself and stay out of jail.

Iowa is Known For...

Corn fields probably come to mind first when you think of this state, but that is just one thing Iowa is known for. You have already had you fill of interesting facts about Iowa, but here is one to grow on: President Herbert Hoover was born in this state!

There are some other Iowa fun facts worth mentioning in parting, such as this list of interesting people who were born in the state:
  • Tom Arnold
  • Johnny Carson
  • Lara Flynn Boyle
  • Ashton Kutcher
  • John Wayne
  • Ann Landers
  • To top off these interesting facts about Iowa, here is one for the road: Iowa is well known for farmland and the Hawkeyes.
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