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Interesting Facts about Idaho

Fun Facts about Idaho, Funny Laws & Silly Stuff

Interesting facts about Idaho will have you fast making road trip plans, even if Idaho wasn’t on your RV road trip horizon! Laugh as you enjoy these fun facts about the great state of Idaho.

Before you load up the family and head out to Idaho during your road trip plans, arm yourself with some interesting facts about Idaho and a few fun facts about Idaho. When the little ones start to get bored and you want to distract them from whining, you can throw out some fun facts about Idaho and turn those whines into giggles.

You might think there aren't many interesting facts about Idaho since this isn't what most would call an exciting state, but you may be surprised! There is more to know about this state than most will ever realize during your road trip plans.

Interesting Facts about Idaho

interesting-facts-about-idaho-01; state outline When you learn some facts about Idaho you can turn your family trip into an educational experience that happens to be loads of fun.

To make your research fast and painless, we did the legwork for you.

Here are ten of the most interesting facts about Idaho known to man:

They Moved What?
When you ride through American Falls, Idaho, know that you are actually standing on the secondary site of the town.

The entire town was moved in the1920s when the American Fall Dams was first created.

Girl Power
Idaho's Great Seal was designed by a female. If that doesn't sound very special you probably don't realize that all other Great Seals in the country were designed by men.

Interesting Facts about Idaho

State Name: IDAHO

State Abbreviation: ID

State Capital:Boise

Largest City:Boise

State population: 1,567,582

Population Rank: #39/50

Area/Size: 83,570.08 square miles

Area/Size Rank: #14/50

Date became a State: July 3, 1890

Number accepted into the Union: #43/50

Residents are called: Idahoans

A Devil of a Time
They say you have to travel through hell to get to heaven and Idaho is out to prove this true.

You will have to go into Seven Devils' Peaks to take a peek out of Heaven's Gate Lookout.

Why do you want to go through hell?

For the cool experience of looking out into four neighboring states at once, that's why!

The Main Street
After you peek at the neighbors, head out to Island Park where you can stroll for 33 miles down the longest main street in the country.

If your legs get tired you start to wish you had just stayed in hell a bit longer.

Hot House
You may not have any desire to step inside the statehouse while traveling through Boise, but there are some fun facts about Idaho that could make you reconsider.

For instance, did you know that it is heated underground by natural hot springs? You don't get any more environmentally conscious than geothermal heating.

Land for All
One way to make sure you stay on the right side of the law during travel is to keep your RV off private land. The good news is 63% of Idaho is public domain so you should be pretty safe.

Spud State
In 1928 the first Idaho license plate to feature the word "potato" was created. Read the next fact on this list to see why this is one of the more interesting facts about Idaho.

Produce Production
Idaho is number one when it comes to growing, harvesting and selling potatoes. Not news? Okay, well did you know that this state is also number one when it comes to producing Austrian winter peas and lentils? It is also number one in the trout industry.

A River Runs Through It
Idaho is also number one when it comes to rivers. It has more river than any other state, stretching on for a combined 3,100 miles.

We’re Surrounded!
This is one of those interesting facts about Idaho that you can use as trivia with the family. This one state is bordered by all of the following: Canada, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, and Washington.

Fun Facts About Idaho: Silly Idaho Laws

interesting-facts-about-idaho-02;state sign Most states have a lot of crazy laws still on the books, but Idaho seems to be a more modern, practical state.

They do have some funny things to make you smile in their law books, but there aren't as many to highlight as there are for other states.

The list is short, so enjoy them while they last:

Not So Merry
Everyone loves to spin round and round on the merry-go-round, but Idaho is having none of that craziness.

If you get to spinning on the horsy in this state you could find yourself in jail with the other criminals who dared have a bit of fun.

Chocolate Lovers
Speaking of daring to have a bit of fun, Idaho men have to be very careful how they charm the ladies. If they give candy they have to go all out, considering boxes of candy that weigh less than 50 pounds are completely illegal. The fat lady must have been singing a demanding tune when that law was put on the books.

Fun Facts about Idaho

State Motto: "Esto Perpetua" meaning "It is perpetual."
State Nickname: The Gem State
State Bird: The Mountain Bluebird
State Flower: The Syringa
State Tree: The Western White Pine
Camel Clues
You love fishing and Idaho has tons of river water to sink your pole into, but be careful where you are sitting when you fish in this state.

If you decide to cuddle up on a camel's back with your pole out in the river you could find yourself eating a less-than-fresh fish dinner behind bars. Darn!

Camels are so comfy!

Idaho is Known For...

Potatoes. Potatoes. Of course....Idaho is known for potatoes! You don't need a list of interesting facts about Idaho to tell you that much, right?

Well, there are some fun facts about Idaho and its history that you may not know just yet. For instance, Idaho brought the world Barbara Morgan and Lou Dobbs. See, great things beyond French fries and tater tots can come from the land of potatoes.

There are more interesting facts about Idaho than you imagined initially, right? Of course there is! The land of potatoes can actually be exciting and fun during your road trip plans. Enjoy your trip!
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