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Interesting Facts about Georgia

Georgia Weird Facts, Funny Laws & Silly Stuff

Interesting facts about Georgia will get you thinking, and laughing! Whether you are making road trip plans to explore the state, or are just interested in learning more about this neck of the woods, these Georgia weird facts and silly laws will get you moving in the right direction.

In 1788 Georgia became the 4th state to sign the U.S. constitution. Right there is the first of many interesting facts about Georgia to come. Many of these Georgia weird facts will educate you for an addition to your road trip plans in the future while others are simply interesting facts about Georgia that will put a smile across your face.

Without further ado...let's get rolling!

Interesting Facts about Georgia

There are many more Georgia weird facts than we could ever list here, but let's get your appetite satisfied with 11 of the most interesting facts about Georgia to be found anywhere:

interesting-facts-about-georgia-01; state outline An Onion by Any Other Name...
There is nothing like the sweetness of a fried Vidalia onion or a good Vidalia onion slice on your burger.

The unique thing about these onions is they are only successfully grown in the areas of Vidalia and Glennville, Georgia.

Fruity Wonders
Watermelons are also native to Georgia, with Cordele typically thought of as the watermelon capital of the world.

Add in the peach as the state's fruit and you see why this is one of the sweetest, juiciest states in existence.

Home of the Fizz
How about Coca-Cola for yet another sweet thing associated with this state? In May of 1886 an Atlanta, Georgia doctor created this fizzy drink and offered it for sale first at the Jacob's Pharmacy soda fountain. His bookkeeper is said to have originally suggested the name.

Interesting Facts about Georgia

State Name: GEORGIA

State Abbreviation: GA

State Capital: Atlanta

Largest City: Atlanta

State population: 9,829,211

Population Rank: #9/50

Area/Size: 57,918 square miles

Area/Size Rank: #21/50

Date became a State:January 2, 1788

Number accepted into the Union: #4/50

Residents are called: Georgian

Movie Madness
Savannah, Georgia has made it onto film quite a lot in the past and is even featured on the Style network reality TV show Ruby today.

You can see this city of Georgia in more than 20 different movies, including Forrest Gump.

Voters Rights
The state of Georgia led the movement in favor of 18 year olds getting to vote.

All teenagers coming of age should thank this state for giving them greater rights than they had in years prior.

The Old Lady
If you haven't heard of historic Saint Mary's, this is a city you must visit before you leave Georgia.

It is the second oldest city in the entire country so it is definitely going to be cherished and admired.

Food for Thought
You want your food fast but you don't want to leave the RV to get it. Completely understandable and you will be right at home in Georgia. The Varsity is the biggest drive-in restaurant in the entire world, so get over there, open your window and shout out your order.

Arr..Who Goes There?
Pirates are an unpleasant topic for everyone today, but back in the elate 1700s the Pirate House restaurant in Savannah was actually a favored destination for Caribbean pirates. Even further, Robert Lewis Stevenson wrote Treasure Island based on encounters experienced at this restaurant.

Rightful Renaming
Atlanta is one of the best known cities in Georgia, but it wasn't always known by this name. It's previous names, Terminus and Marthaville, just didn't have the same ring as Atlanta.

Bitey Bite!
"Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!" You hear this phrase quite often today, but most people don't know it actually started in Georgia. Colonials would bind their mattresses with Spanish Moss which brought tiny bed bugs into the mattresses. Bet you'll think twice before using that saying in passing again!

Don't Get Spooked!
If you hear something bumping, crawling, or scratching in the night, you must be sleeping in Savannah, Georgia. This city has been declared the most haunted city in America by the American Institute of Parapsychology. This is because the city has been entrenched with more voodoo practice, plagues, wars, and fires than most cities have to endure.

Georgia Weird Facts - Funny Georgia Laws

That is about all of the interesting facts about Georgia to be revealed right now, but we can't stop now. We have some very entertaining Georgia weird facts and laws to uncover right now...

interesting-facts-about-georgia-02; state sign Messy Dessert
You know how Georgians love their sweet things, but on Sunday you have to keep your ice cream cones out of your back pocket.

Carrying ice cream in that pocket is against the law...but only on Sunday!

Gossip Central
By their very nature, rumors are anything but the truth.

That may be your understanding of the gossip world, but someone in Georgia knows better.

They actually passed a law stating you cannot spread a rumor if it is false.

Don't Leaf it Alone!
In the town of Acworth, you are practically forbidden to leave your leaves afloat on the ground. Every citizen of this town must own a rake by law.

Chicken Chuckles
We know how you love to put that chicken sandwich in one hand and the TV remote in the other, but Gainesville, Georgia will have no more of that. In this city everyone is bound by law to eat chicken two-handed.

Only in Georgia...
Giraffes make great pets because they are large enough to hug you with great warmth when you're sad and they can tower above the other cars when you need to bust through traffic. Unfortunately, you will be limited to parking spaces in Georgia since it is illegal to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole or street lamp.

Georgia Weird Facts

State Motto: Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation
State Nickname: Peach
State Bird: Brown Thrasher
State Flower: Cherokee Rose
State Tree: Southern Live Oak
"Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Are we almost to Georgia yet?"

This may be a completely innocent term in your family, but it must be stricken from your vocabulary when visiting Jonesboro, Georgia.

The term "oh, boy" is illegal in this city.

Paddy Practices
Peaches may be the fruit of the state right now, but there was a time when rice was the main wage earner for Georgia. This is why there are more than 70 different laws concerning the building of rice paddies. Unfortunately, the paddies have all been wiped out but one and peaches have become the dominate industry for the state.

Keep it in Your Mouth!
Spitting is just part of a road trip, right? You get a funny taste in your mouth and there is no option but to roll down the window and let it fly. Unfortunately that is only legal in Georgia if you are driving in a truck. It is completely illegal in a car or bus. That probably rules out RV spitting as well.

Georgia is Known For...

That's all of the Georgia weird facts for today, but there has definitely been a lot of food for thought passed on in the above interesting facts about Georgia. You come to this state to enjoy the sweetest, juiciest peaches and of course a watermelon or two. A great addition to your road trip plans.

Use the above interesting facts about Georgia to enrich your road trip plans and make it a bit more fun to travel. Of course, we can't end this without saying...Go Bulldogs!

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