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Interesting Facts about Florida

Funny Laws & Silly Stuff for State of Florida Facts

Interesting facts about Florida can help with your road trip plans, or give you something to read while traveling through the Sunshine State. Check out this list of hysterical state of Florida facts and prepare to be entertained!

Here are a couple interesting facts about Florida just to get the ball rolling: it was the 27th state to join the union and the mockingbird is its state bird. There are many more fun facts about Florida to come along with some very funny state of Florida facts and laws.

Kick off your shoes, relax, and let us whisk you away to one of the most cherished states in the country. A great addition to your road trip plans.

Interesting Facts about Florida

Let's jump right in with some interesting facts about Florida that we think are quite funny. Don't be afraid to giggle or laugh, it's natural!

interesting-facts-about-florida-01; state outline All About the Mouse
If you could get into the cockpit of an airplane flying into the Orlando International Airport you would probably hear them chuckling or see a faint smile cross their lips.

This is because the approach codes sound like this: GOOFY FIVE, PIGLT ONE, and MINEE TWO.

Quirky Key West
Interesting facts about Florida: There are a lot of hysterical things to see at Key West, starting with the drunks trying to make their way across the beach. Yet, nothing quite tops this note found inscribed in a crypt: I told you I was sick!

Oggles of Oysters
Oyster meat isn't something you think about eating in bulk, but it is something harvested and sold in bulk in Florida. Every year, they harvest enough Apalachicola Bay oysters to cover a football field with meat three times.

Interesting Facts about Florida

State Name:FLORIDA

State Abbreviation: FL

State Capital: Tallahassee

Largest City: Jacksonville

State population: 18,537,969

Population Rank: #4/50

Area/Size: 53,997 square miles

Area/Size Rank: #26/50

Date became a State: March 3, 1845

Number accepted into the Union: #27/50

Residents are called: Floridian

Gator ...Aid!
Every football player runs off the field at some point and chugs down a Gatorade.

You can thank the Florida Gators for that, since this University of Florida team was the inspiration for the drink's name.

Fur Babies
You like to cuddle with fuzzy, warm babies with four legs, but you have never cuddled with a baby bobcat, cougar or leopard yet.

These fuzzy babies can give you an hour of warmth if you make a $100 donation to a refuge on Easy Street.

This bed and breakfast establishment sits at the outskirts of Tampa and offers an exciting time that you don't normally plan when going away on vacation.

Money in Skates
Rollerbladers rolling along the beach in Miami were the inspiration for the very first ATM machine.

The machine was originally developed to allow these rollerbladers easy access to money. Most people don't have time for leisurely rollerblading sessions today, but we all make use of this technology from time to time.

An End to a Legend
Amelia Earhart left for her trip around the world in 1937. The last time she was seen on land was in Miami just before she took off.

Sun Worship
It is only fitting that the first cream for catching a suntan was developed in Miami Beach. A pharmacist by the name of Benjamin Green was so devoted to the sunning goddesses of the beach that he found a way to make their golden dreams even easier to achieve.

State Rivalry
Every year the Flora-Bama Beach Bar in Pensacola holds the Mullet toss where thousands of Florida locals come together and toss dead fish into the state of Alabama. It's a stinky affair but with a bit of alcohol from the bar everyone has a stinkin' good time.

Get Your Facts Straight
If you thought that Florida was the southern most state in the union, this will be one of the more shocking state of Florida facts: Hawaii actually sits more southern than Florida. This is one of the biggest trivia questions missed by people around the world.

Save Your Money
If you don't like handing your money over to the government, hit up Florida for your next state of residence. They don't require you to pay personal income tax and they have only had a minimum wage since 2004.

State of Florida Facts - Funny Florida Laws

That's all of the interesting facts about Florida that we have today, but we do have some very funny state laws that you won't believe are still on the books. Something to laugh about while your making your road trip plans.

interesting-facts-about-florida-02; state sign Burn Your Bridges
You know what happens when you fall asleep under a salon hair dryer, but in Florida the penalty is taken to the extreme.

You can actually get a burning fine.

Even better yet, you can burn the salon owner with you just for letting you take that all too hot nap.

School Rules
We know how badly you love 4H, but in Florida it is illegal to take livestock on a school bus. You will have to load the sheep and pigs into the backseat of the van and ride them to the school yourselves.

No Escaping Tolls
There are times when you have to crush the traffic in order to get to work on time. This is understandable, but when riding your elephant to work in Florida you must chain him to the parking meter and pay up. Otherwise, you will be fined just as you would for parking a vehicle there without paying.

State of Florida Facts

State Motto: In God We Trust
State Nickname: Sunshine
State Bird: Mockingbird
State Flower: Orange Blossom
State Tree: Sabal Palm
Open Sesame
Every building used for public purposes has to have outward opening doors.

You know, this prevents you from storming out and letting the door hit you from behind.

(Actually, kidding aside, it has to do with strong winds during hurricane season.)

Quit Flapping Your Jaws!
You will definitely want to hit the beach while in Florida, but watch what comes out of your mouth while prancing through the sand happily. It is actually illegal for anyone in a swimming suit to sing while in public!

Knock! Knock!
It's always inconvenient when your neighbor's house goes ablaze. In Florida it becomes an even bigger nuisance because you are legally required to go tell them their house is on fire.

License and Registration, Please
Before dropping into the next big Florida bowl, make sure to ask around about where you can get your skateboarding license. It is actually illegal in this state to skateboard without a license.

Parachuting is great fun in Florida, but for an unmarried woman it is illegal on Sundays. Guess it's better to tie the knot before vacationing in this state. The penalty for this crazy law is jail time.

Florida is Known For...

We don't have anymore interesting facts about Florida right now, but let us leave you with the most well known attributes of the state. All of these things are actually featured widely in the state of Florida facts presented above. This state is known for its alligators and beach goers who love the beaches that stretch on mile after mile.

This is the state where sunshine and warmth go hand in hand and happiness is enjoyed by all...as long as you remember to stop singing when in your bathing suit that is! Come back for more interesting facts about Florida another day or check out our interesting facts about other states found right here on this site. Enjoy while your making your road trip plans.

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