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Interesting Facts about Connecticut

Connecticut Fun Facts, Funny Laws & Silly Stuff

Interesting facts about Connecticut can be found here for your viewing and laughing pleasure. Consider these Connecticut fun facts as you make your road trip plans.

Connecticut was the fifth state to join the union with official statehood taking place in January of 1788. The state bird is the robin and Hartford is its capital. Do you want to know more interesting facts about Connecticut? Are you ready to laugh with some gut shaking Connecticut fun facts?

If so, come right along for the following list of interesting facts about Connecticut. This is an exciting state to learn about and an even more exciting state to visit. A great addition to your road trip plans.

Interesting Facts about Connecticut

Your about to increase your knowledge about Connecticut, but we have added in some Connecticut fun facts to lighten up the learning process. Enjoy!

interesting-facts-about-connecticut-01; state outline Know Your Slang
Next time you see someone with a short bob, point at them and yell "pumpkin head!"

They may not understand the insider joke, but anyone up on their interesting facts about Connecticut will get it right off.

In colonial times New Haven residents cut pumpkins and used the shells to guide their haircuts, giving them the nickname of "pumpkin head."

First Phone Book
Phone books aren't good for anything but maybe starting fires and propping open doors today, but back in 1878 the New Haven District Telephone Company took great pride in releasing the very first phone book. Too bad they didn't go on to discover Internet based phone books or they would be rich today.

Licking Luck
Connecticut was also the first to bring lollipops to the market. A man named George Smith brought a lollipop machine to the public in 1908. The sweet treat was actually named after a well known racehorse in those times.

Interesting Facts about Connecticut


State Abbreviation: CT

State Capital: Hartford

Largest City: Bridgeport

State population: 3,518,288

Population Rank: #29/50

Area/Size: 4,845 square miles

Area/Size Rank: #48/50

Date became a State: January 9, 1788

Number accepted into the Union: #5/50

Residents are called: Connecticuter; Nutmegger

Know the Limit
In 1901, the state of Connecticut decided it was time to get speeders under control and make the highways a safer place to roll along.

They passed the very first speed limit: 12 mph.

Set your RV to 12 mph and see how you put-put along.

How long will it take you to get to Connecticut at this pace?

For the Record...
36 years after setting the first speed limit, Connecticut decided to make cars register their cars and wear the nation's very first permanent license plates.

1937 goes down in history as the day cars were marked for life.

No more hiding in the shadows of the bigger cars or speeding anonymously.

Smarty Pants
The "Town Bicentennial Emblem" of New Hartford was designed by a 7 year old named James. Who says kids are to be seen but not heard?

Sub Start
We depend on nuclear submarines to protect our country every single day, but can you guess where the very first one was brought into the world? Connecticut, of course!

Orange Pez
Many parents also depend on Pez candy to keep their children happy in grocery stores and in doctor's offices. Can you guess who makes this candy? Of course...Connecticut! It is made in a city named Orange.

Fountain of Youth?
Everyone wants to be the youngest, most beautiful person in the room and Connecticut gets to enjoy that pleasure.

Since the current landscape was created by a melting glacier event about 15,000 years ago, its surface is much younger than the earth in other states.

There have been two other glacier melting events in the history of this state.

Dino Denial
Do you believe in the dinosaurs? No one can honestly say no to this question, but if there is ever any doubt just visit Rocky Hill where tracks were found in 1966.

Are you enjoying these interesting facts about Connecticut? We're going to break for some Connecticut fun facts and silly willy laws still sitting on the books. Something to think about while your doing your road trip plans.

Connecticut Fun Facts - Silly Laws

We would really hate for you to get pulled over in the RV for wacky laws you had no idea were in existence....so let us fill you in on a few:

interesting-facts-about-connecticut-02; state stamp Bounce That Pickle!
Connecticut residents love pickles just as much as anyone else in the world, but they have one special law that most people don't have to worry about: in order for a pickle to be officially considered a pickle, it has to bounce.

Anyone signing up for spring pickle ball?

I hear it's a juicy good time.

Keeping Up
You've been training for that triathlon and your leg muscles are roaring to go.

That's wonderful, but don't bike too fast behind the RV in Connecticut. There is a state law prohibiting bikers from exceeding 65 mph.

Tattoo Taboo
How does your dog like her new tattoo? You better tell her to put a coat on in Connecticut, since residents running into tattooed dogs have to report the crime to the police. Fluffy, pull out the long sleeves, we're almost in Connecticut!

Connecticut Fun Facts

State Motto: He Who Transplanted Sustains
State Nickname: Nutmeg
State Bird: American Robin
State Flower: Mountain Laurel
State Tree: White Oak
Forget Jay Walking
You may be a skilled gymnast and walking on your hands may feel perfectly normal in your world, but don't try it while vacationing in Connecticut.

It is illegal to walk on your hands when crossing the street.

Fire Foley
If you ever move to New Britain, pray very hard that your house never catches on fire. There is a law forbidding fire trucks from going over 25 mph when heading to a fire. The best houses on the market are always those located next to the fire department with no travel delays.

Clamming Up
Do you like to clam? This is illegal activity after dark, so make sure you don't head out before sunrise.

No Strings Attached
Birthday parties aren't that much fun in Southington, Connecticut. Silly string has been banned, probably at the special request of mothers who love their carpeting pristine. Kids all over the city are buying it on the underground market and hiding it under their pillows.

Enough Connecticut fun facts for one page! There is just one more small tidbit of information everyone should know about this state before entering: what is the state known for?

Connecticut is Known For...

You probably noticed a lack of interesting facts about Connecticut that involved natural wonders. This is because the state is not known so much for beauties of the land as for the riches of the people who live on the land.

Connecticut is one of the wealthiest states and is home to many exclusive gated communities most people know nothing about. This is one of the lesser know interesting facts about Connecticut but something to consider while you are making road trip plans.

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