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Interesting Facts about Colorado

Colorado Fun Facts, Funny Laws & Silly Stuff

Interesting facts about Colorado for your road trip plans! Read about these Colorado fun facts for a chuckle, or to learn about the state you are planning to visit.

Tim Allen was born in Colorado and grew up to become a famous actor known around the world, but the state hasn't always been as popular since it turned down the right to host the Olympic games in 1976. Are you ready for more interesting facts about Colorado? We hope so because we're just getting started with our Colorado fun facts.

The following interesting facts about Colorado will enlighten your mind while out on the road or just make you wish you were out there on the road. A great addition to your road trip plans.

Interesting Facts about Colorado

We've thrown in some Colorado fun facts along with some enlightening yet educational facts about the state. Get ready to laugh and relax...you deserve it!

interesting-facts-about-colorado-01; state outline Let it Fly
If you would just love to toss a cold drink in someone particular's face, it's a good idea to do it in Colorado.

The air of this state makes objects fly further which is bad news for that particular someone but great news for your time on the golf course.

Colorado Blues
Due to the altitude, you get bluer skies in Colorado than anywhere else in the country.

This is due to the lack of vapor in the atmosphere. Make sure to look out the window and do some dreaming because you won't get such a clear view of the clouds in many other places.

Beautiful Birth
The lyrics to the song "America the Beautiful" were born in Colorado along with Tim Allen. The song was just born quite a bit earlier in 1893. Katherine Lee Bates was inspired to write this song while on top of Pikes Peak.

Interesting Facts about Colorado

State Name: COLORADO

State Abbreviation: CO

State Capital: Denver

Largest City: Denver

State population: 5,024,748

Population Rank: #22/50

Area/Size: 103,729 square miles

Area/Size Rank: #8/50

Date became a State: August 1, 1876

Number accepted into the Union: #38/50

Residents are called: Coloradan, Coloradoan

Be My Valentine
Loveland, Colorado has a very romantic name and it's amazing what some people will do to take advantage of that name.

Hundreds of thousands of people package their Valentines letters in larger envelopes and send them to Loveland.

Workers in Loveland stamp the envelopes with love sayings and send them through the Loveland post office.

Those lucky recipients better be paying attention when those special letters arrive in the mail.

Not Responsible for Lost or Stolen Goods
Hotels in Denver, Colorado did not offer locks on their doors until 1872.

Can we say staying there was risky business?

Diggin Up Bones
In 1877 a huge dinosaur fossil was found on a ridge near Morrison, Colorado.

It was over 70 feet long and no one in the state could fully erect it for display. You would have to travel to New York if you wanted to see the remains of that Diplodocus today.

Cold and Dry
Colorado is well known for its cold weather, but what many don't know is that Colorado is actually a very dry climate in the winter months. This city can dryer than Phoenix, Arizona but without the heat you get in Phoenix.

A Long Walk
If you could use a long, brisk walk, head to Denver and find Colfax Avenue. This amazing street goes on for 40 miles and is the longest continuous street anywhere in the country. This is definitely the place to live if you need to lose a few pounds and really enjoy walking!

Just Say No!
With the competition surrounding the Olympics today, it is unthinkable that anyone would turn down the chance to host these International sporting events.

Yet, Colorado residents voted down the opportunity.

They may have spared the expense and all the crowds, but this does nothing for their reputation.

Mega Silver
How many necklaces could you make out of a silver nugget weighing a full ton?

We may never know, but in 1894 a silver nugget that size was discovered in a Colorado mine named the Smuggler II. At the time of discovery, this was the largest silver nugget ever discovered.

Colorado Fun Facts -Silly Colorado Laws

You've learned quite a few interesting facts about Colorado, now are you ready for some Colorado fun facts and laws? All of these laws are legitimately on the books for this state, though they are clearly outdated.

interesting-facts-about-colorado-02; state sign Sorry, We're Closed
You will find businesses giving special observation to Sunday as a typical day for religious appreciation, but Colorado has taken it to a new level.

Car dealers are not allowed to show their cars on Sunday because we all know God hates a dirty dealer.

Let Sleeping Women Lie
You may love snuggling up to your wife and giving her a nice kiss while she sleeps, but this is completely illegal in Colorado.

If you have to let a sleeping woman lie alone and keep your kisses to yourself.

Redless Nights
Yet, women probably do a lot more sleeping in Colorado than enjoying the night life since they have limited wardrobe selections after 7 PM. It is illegal for women wearing red dresses to hit the Colorado streets after this time.

Colorado Fun Facts

State Motto: Nothing without Providence
State Nickname: Centennial State
State Bird: Lark Bunting
State Flower: Rocky Mountain Columbine
State Tree: Colorado Blue Spruce
Here Comes Kitty!
You would get pulled over by the police if you drove your car around town without taillights, so why wouldn't you give your cat the same courtesy?

Colorado cats have to be fitted with taillights if they are to run loose in the streets.

Everyone has to see them coming and going, of course!

Dog Gone It!
Colorado officials also have an extreme amount of respect for dogs. They require dogs to be notified of other dogs that have been captured and taken to the pound.

The dog catcher must post notification on a tree in the park as well as on a public road near the park. These signs must remain up for three days to make sure all relatives and BFFs are well aware of their fate.

That may be enough Colorado fun facts for one day, but there is something else you should be aware of before pulling into this state or adding it to your road trip plans.

Colorado is Known For...

Mountains, oh beautiful mountains. All discussions of interesting facts about Colorado will include some mention to the mountains. Something to add to your road trip plans.
Visitors come in the winter to sled, ski and snowboard down the mountains while more come every spring and summer to see the leaves change and hike in the mountains. No set of interesting facts about Colorado would be complete without this beautiful landscape feature.
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