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Interesting Facts about California

Funny Laws & Other Silly Stuff for Road Trip Planning

Interesting facts about California should leave you smiling. Consider these fun facts about California as you do your road trip planning. Oh, and make sure you're prepared for a good laugh.

When you think about fun facts about California and the famous people who live in the state, you might not think of the great outdoors and grizzly bears. Yet, the California state flag features a bear because there were a lot of them roaming long ago when the state was controlled by Mexico.

In 1850 the state officially became a part of the United States and today there are more celebrities roaming about than grizzlies in most areas. Something to think about while your road trip planning.

There are a lot more interesting facts about California to explore below along with some entertaining and fun facts about California woven in for your pleasure. Enjoy!

Interesting Facts about California

Get your brain ready to expand and your lips ready to hurt from smiling. The following fun facts about California will make your road trip planning a lot more enjoyable.

interesting-facts-about-california-01; state outline Not As Crowded As You Think
It's obvious that California is a big state, but did you know it is bigger than the smallest 85 countries in the world?

Yet, many of those smaller countries have more people than California, so we could say Californians have plenty room to stretch out their legs and relax.

Wide Open Spaces
San Bernardino County also earns California the title of largest U.S. county.

This one county spans close to 3 million acres. There should be no problem finding somewhere to park the RV.

California Underground
While we're on this round of interesting facts about California, let's throw this title in as well: lowest point in the United States. Death Valley cannot be beat when it comes to the bone dry, hot climate and the very low ground level. You won't find a pretty meadow with grass swaying in the breeze in this valley. Hows that for interesting facts about California.

Interesting Facts about California


State Abbreviation: CA

State Capital: Sacramento

Largest City: Los Angeles

State population: 36,961,664

Population Rank: #1/50

Area/Size: 155,973 square miles

Area/Size Rank: #3/50

Date became a State: September 9, 1850

Number accepted into the Union: #31/50

Residents are called: Californian

Concentrated Crowds
Interested in more titles held by this state?

Los Angeles and San Diego are the most crowded cities in the country.

Get ready to rub elbows and knock baby strollers with celebrities and the homeless alike.

Tipping the Scales
Interesting facts about California: 1/8 of all Americans live in California.

Okay, maybe Californians have much less space to spread out their legs and relax than we formerly thought!

Terrific Trees
Sequoia National Park is a fun place to visit, but it is best known for its 3,500 year-old sequoia tree.

The trunk on this tree spans 102 feet and it has been given the name General Sherman.

Don't try to join hands and play ring around the rosy on this beauty!

Fruity Farms
Strawberries and grapes are huge moneymakers for California. Every year there are hundreds of thousands of grapes grown here and many are used to make 17 million gallons of wine. As for strawberries, well in 1997 there were enough grown to wrap a big circle around the Earth 15 times.

Big Bridge
That was a lot of strawberries, but what can you do with enough steel wire cable to wrap around the Earth 3.5 times? You can make the Golden Gate Bridge! When you drive over this bridge look out and appreciate that you are being held in the air by miles and miles of steel wire cable.

Perpetual Painting
You know important it is to give your home a fresh coat of paint from time to time, but the Golden Gate Bridge gets a yearly paint job. Painters touch up one side of the bridge and then it's time to paint the other side again. Now, that has to be the most stable job in these times of recession!

No Depression Here
Celebrities are known to pull in more money than most of us can even dream of, but few can match the earnings of late newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst. He was believed to make more than $50,000 a day during the 1930s.

Golden Dreams
If you're traveling along Highway 49 anytime soon, look out the window and imagine a gold nugget weighing 25 pounds sitting casually by the road. That is almost what happened to an amateur gold hunter in 1973, though they had to get down in the Yuba River to find that handsome nugget.

Pools of Gold
Speaking of gold, there are a million tiles inlaid with real gold in the pool room of Hearst Castle. This is the most expensive pool room every built, so don't knock over your drink or track in any mud. You might want to just admire from the hallway.

Kleinrock Rocks!
Many brilliant professors work in California, but no one can top Professor Leonard Kleinrock of UCLA fame. He needed a way to connect with people on different campuses and created the technology that eventually led to the Internet. You are here reading fun facts about California thanks to this professor.

Imaginative Inventions
Imagine life without your most comfy pair of blue jeans and the mouse you use to click your way through the Internet.

Imagine little girls without Barbie dolls and the size of the world's population without the birth control pill.

All of these things were born in California, along with the square tomato and the very first theme park.

On Shaky Ground
As many as 500,000 seismic tremors are felt in California every year. That only includes those that are detectable, so many more probably roar through the state. Fasten all bolts and start strapping things down, things could get bumpy out on the highway.

News Travels Fast
When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated the Pony Express delivered the news from Missouri to Sacramento, California in just six days. Wouldn't you love to put that pony on the track for the Grand National races?

Silly California Laws

You know enough interesting facts about California to spur conversation along your trip, so how about some wacky laws that still grace the books of this super state?

interesting-facts-about-california-02; state sign Spooky Speeding
If your RV is being operated by an imaginary friend make sure they stay below 60 mph.

State law forces a special speed limit on vehicles cruising the roads without a driver.

You wouldn't want your imaginary friend to get a speeding ticket!

Orangy Oddities
It's a good thing California makes most of its money from grapes and strawberries because state law doesn't look too kindly on oranges. If you decide to eat an orange while taking a dip in your bathtub you could be hit with a fine.

Shoo! Sheep!
Are you planning to visit Hollywood Boulevard? You can site some celebrities and find great designer shoes, but rest assured you won't be greeted with many sheep. It is of course against the law to herd any more than 2,000 sheep down the boulevard.

Fun Facts about California

State Motto: I Have Found It!
State Nickname: Golden State
State Bird: California Valley Quail
State Flower: Golden Poppy
State Tree: Giant Sequoia and Coast Redwood
Let the Kids be Kids
Interesting facts about California: California is a very puddle-friendly state.

When the rain starts to pour it's time to park the RV and let the little ones run, jump and splash themselves silly.

There is a community-approved ordinance that forbids anyone from telling children to stop jumping in puddles.

Birdy Breakout
Berkeley is the home to many enlightened, educated people, but apparently they aren't early risers. In this California city you are forbidden to whistle for an escaped bird before 7 AM. That's why the smart birds escape in the middle of the night. They want to make sure they have a good head start.

Whats Up with the Whales?
If you find whales beautiful and inspiring, feel free to shoot at them as you drive by the ocean. It turns out there is a law protecting all animals from being shot at by someone in a moving vehicle, but whales are oddly exempt.

Mouse Mission
You've hunted all the big game from deer to grizzly bear, but have you ever taken on the mighty mouse? In California, you need a hunting license to set a mouse trap so you could say the mouse is a protected animal in this region of the country. Now that's something to think about when your road trip planning.

California is Known For...

There are lots of interesting facts about California that relate to times past, but today this state is well known for its immaculate homes owned by the rich and famous. This is the land of Hollywood stars and sandy beaches that stretch on for miles.

Yet, many of the best fun facts about California will also inform you that this state gets its fair share of earthquakes which aren't quite as fun. Another thing to consider when your road trip planning.

Have you gotten your fill of interesting facts about California? It's time to tighten down the RV fridge and head to the Golden Gate Bridge to see the new paint job.

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