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Interesting Facts about Alaska

Alaska Fun Facts, Funny Laws & Silly Stuff

Interesting facts about Alaska for your road trip planning adventures can be found right here. Whether you just want to learn about the state, or you are traveling there soon, these Alaska fun facts should get you smiling.

Are you ready to learn some interesting facts about Alaska and get silly with a few Alaska fun facts? Alaska is the haven of polar bears and other cold lovers located at the very northwestern tip of the country.

While it may not appear to be a substantial part of the U.S. on the map when you're road trip planning, it is actually the biggest state if you are judging by the area it covers.

Let's get right to more interesting facts about Alaska, funny laws, and some random silly stuff to make you smile...

Interesting Facts about Alaska

You'll want to read these Alaska fun facts out to the entire family and dare them not to smile or let out a giggle...bet they can't do it!

interesting-facts-about-alaska-01; state outline The Biggest State
Many people think of Alaska as such a small part of the U.S. since it is a very different state from all others, but it is actually very large.

You would have to combine Spain, Italy, England and France to get a country as big as this one state.

Now, that's one big state!

Animal Invasion
You may think that there are a lot of Alaskan residents taking up all that space, but many of the inhabitants don't walk on 2 legs. 5% of the state is covered by glaciers which are loved by polar bears and other animals.

By State Standards
The largest city in Alaska, Anchorage, is the same size as the entire state of Delaware. Both Delaware and the city of Anchorage cover 1,955 square miles. New York is great, but you haven't seen the "big city" until you have experienced Anchorage on your road trip planning.

Interesting Facts about Alaska

State Name: ALASKA

State Abbreviation: AK

State Capital: Juneau

Largest City: Anchorage

State population: 698,473

Population Rank: #47/50

Area/Size: 570,374 square miles

Area/Size Rank: #1/50

Date became a State: January 2, 1959

Number accepted into the Union: #49/50

Residents are called: Alaskan

The Rhode to Greatness
Alaska is so big you could move the entire state of Rhode Island into this one state almost 500 times.

It's true.

Rhode Island is 488 times smaller than Alaska.

Size Does Matter
If you were to overlap a scale map of Alaska with the southern portion of the United States, the Alaska map would stretch from coast to coast.

Apparently, you can't count them out as a super state just yet.

Russian Transaction
Alaska hasn't always been U.S. territory.

In 1867 we were smart enough to purchase this humungous wonder of ice from Russia.

It might have made more sense for Iceland to purchase the state, but we live closer so we get dibs!

Icy Water
While there is plenty ice to be found in Alaska, there are also a lot of unfrozen waterways. The Alaskan terrain boasts more than 3,000 rivers and an amazing 3+ million lakes. Anyone up for a cold swim?

Fishy Providers
Next time you sit down to a nice fish dinner, thank Alaska for providing most of the fish supply to the entire country. They are the top source for herring, halibut, crab and salmon. There is definitely something fishy about this state, but no wonder the polar bears love it here.

Night and Day
If you don't like the dark, you might not want to explore certain areas of Alaska where it is dark around the clock. There are also some areas of the state that enjoy 24 hours of sunlight, which is of course the perfect place to lay out and get a sun tan on the snowy glaciers of your road trip planning.

Unanswered Prayers
If you come on hard times in Alaska don't go asking the locals for a prayer. It turns out this the least religious state in the nation.

Apparently polar bears aren't big on building shrines or spending their Sundays in a temple.

Let's keep the giggles rolling by following our interesting facts about Alaska with some very silly Alaskan laws.

Alaska Fun Facts - Silly Alaska Laws

You can't have Alaska fun facts without including some downright crazy Alaskan laws.

interesting-facts-about-alaska-02; state sign Moose Patrol
It is absolutely illegal to glare down at a moose while you pass through Alaska by airplane.

So get away from that window right now and strap on the blindfold.

Missed Photo Op
You have to let sleeping bears lie in Alaska.

Bear hunting is alive and well in this state, but to awaken a sleeping bear and take a picture is illegal. If you want to fit in with the locals just put your camera down and pick up a gun.

Furry Flamingos
If you don't like flamingos, the barber shops of Juneau will be your safe haven. Those with pet flamingos in this city are strictly forbidden from bringing their pets in for a haircut.

Kangaroo Corner
Throughout the entire state, kangaroos are forbidden to enter barber shops. Once again, Alaskan barber shops become your safe haven.

Alaska Fun Facts

State Motto: North to the Future!
State Nickname: The Last Frontier
State Bird: Willow Ptarmigan
State Flower: Forget-Me-Not
State Tree: Sitka Spruce
Drunk Drinking
If you like to throw one back and relax from time to time, the bars of Haines, Alaska are probably your safest bet.

This city strictly forbids their bartenders from serving drinks while drunk.

Drunken Moose Ahead
Turns out humans aren't the only ones who may enjoy a relaxing drink from time to time. In Fairbanks, Alaska you are not allowed to give the moose alcohol. Treat the moose as you would your children.

Now that you've had enough Alaska fun facts to lighten the mood, let's learn a bit about the historical roots of Alaska.

Alaska is Known For...

You already learned about the immense size of this state from the above interesting facts about Alaska, but the state is also well known for its extremely cold weather. This is also a prime state for major industries including the oil and lumber industries. Fishing and hunting are also major industries that bring in lots of capital for the state.

Here are a couple more quick interesting facts about Alaska to take on the road: Alaska is the home state of Sarah Palin who hopes to win the race for presidency one day. Every year, the amazing dog sled race known as the Iditarod is held in Alaska.
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