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Illinois Treasure Hunting

Road Trip Plans for Treasure Hunting Illinois

Illinois treasure hunting can be a great addition to your road trip plans. Imagine taking your family on vacation and finding valuable loot while treasure hunting Illinois!

Curious about Illinois treasure hunting? Located within the heart of North America, going treasure hunting Illinois is a chance to visit mysterious haunted spots and explore local legends.

Allowing families to not just read about the history or the state but to get their hands dirty and genuinely experience the excitement of searching for buried treasures, looking for fossils and mining for gemstones!

illinois-treasure-hunting-01; gold nuggets Although Illinois never had a gold rush, Illinois treasure hunting and adventure-seeking voyages can still be had.

Old reports in the region, though not confirmed, mention discovers of small amounts of gold.

Which is a great reason to add Illinois to your road trip plans. Since gold has never been mined in Illinois, families who want to search for gold will have to go gold panning.

Panning is a simple process and only requires basic tools like a pan and a shove.

It can also be very low cost and allows the family to turn a profit during treasure hunting Illinois. The real joy, however, is having your hard work pay off with a genuine find that can be saved and passed down through the family line.

One of the best locations for gold treasure hunting in Illinois is the Shawnee National Forest. The national park is located in the Southern part of the state and offers free recreational gold panning within streams found at the national forest area.

Once the excitement for gold panning in the park has been fulfilled, there are endless other outdoor adventures to explore! Go hiking, horseback riding, swimming, boating, camping and biking while enjoying the scenic views, and appreciating the vegetation, animals and rock formations that make the region unique.

Of course, treasure hunting Illinois is not just about seeking buried treasure, Illinois geology can be just as fascinating to explore. Gem mining in particular can be a fun activity for family vacations combining the fun of discovery with some educational information.

One interesting Illinois treasure hunting spot for finding gemstones is at the Jellystone Park in the city of Amboy. The park also has campgrounds, mini-golf, fishing and kiddie pools. A great reason to add this to your road trip plans.

For rockhounds, Illinois is one of the best locations for geode collecting. These roundish rocks contain crystal formations within their interiors. To go collecting geodes in Illinois, visit the Evans' Property in the city of Hamilton.

illinois-treasure-hunting-02; illinois name Another road trip plans addition for families interested in getting a glimpse into the past can also go fossil hunting!

In north central Illinois there is the Mazon Creek fossil beds, an area prized by collectors for the wide diversity and quality of fossils that can be found.

Fossils in the bed are hundreds of millions of years old and you can frequently find fossils where the soft plant and animal tissue has been preserved.

Soft-bodied organisms, which are not usually preserved as fossils can also be found. If going fossil hunting by visiting the Mazonia Braidwood State fish and Wildlife Area, you will need a day permit to search for fossils at the creek.

Those seeking out places for Illinois treasure hunting may also want to remember the many stories that have been passed down from previous generations. Legends and ghost tales about the river regions of the state have managed to cover the spooky and gory while offering places ideal for families treasure hunting in Illinois.

One such spooky tale is that of a place called "Hauntstown" located in Calhoun County. According to legend, a rich widowed recluse named Jesse Barnes lived in a cabin in the area. The tale goes that the distrusting Jesse kept his money hidden in the area.

After his death, his buried treasure was not discovered even after eager treasure hunters burned his cabin to the ground. Although a small group of treasure hunters attempted to search for the treasure, legend has it that the ghost of Jesse or other supernatural forces scared them off.

The treasure is still thought by many to be in the area just waiting for an Illinois treasure hunting family to discover its location!

A number of treasure hunting Illinois caches are connected to stories of outlaws. The village of Cave-In-Rock, for instance, was a stronghold for robbers, horse-thieves and other outlaws during much of the 19th century.

The wealth of famous counterfeiter John Duff is thought to be buried somewhere along the caves in this vicinity. Additionally, stolen loot hid by the notorious Birch outlaw gang is thought to be hidden somewhere along the Devil Creeks region.

Therefore taking your Illinois treasure hunting fun to the central region of the state could prove lucrative which is great for your families road trip plans.
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