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Free Homeschooling Resources for Full Time RV Living

Homeschool discount programs and free homeschooling resources are important for all families who choose to home school their children. Here are some tips and resources for full time RV living.

As you begin homeschooling your kids while out on the road full time RV living, no doubt you'll want to find some places to purchase your materials that will offer you a homeschool discount. It's also nice to be able to find some free homeschooling resources to help you out so you can make the most of the learning experience for your children.

Finding out where you can get a homeschool discount can save you a lot of money through the years as you continue to homeschool your kids with full time RV living. Freebies, rewards, and even special priced field trips can be found if you know where to look.

Here is a closer look at places you can enjoy scoring some discounts and some free homeschooling resources that are sure to be helpful as well.

Homeschooling Discount Programs

homeschool-discount-01; school supplies As you are looking for places where you can get a homeschool discount on any supplies and materials you need, you'll want to check with places that offer teacher discounts.

Most stores and websites that offer teacher discounts will give homeschoolers the same discounts on materials you need to help education your kids.

Some places ask for proof that you are a teacher and it's easy to crate the proof to get this discount.

Simply create a homeschooling card on your computer.

Create a card that has your name (the teacher) and the name of your homeschool on it.

The homeschool name can be as simple as your last name. Make sure you also put the year on the card. Get some cardstock and print off your card. You may want to laminate it too. Then you can simply show this card at places that offer teacher discounts.

Wondering where you can go to get a homeschool discount? Here are a few places that offer some discounts.

How We Homeschool

Curious about what the Perkins use for their homeschooling curriculum? Check out this page and learn how our kids do schoolwork on the road. Time4Learning

Barnes and Noble
As homeschoolers you can get 20% discounts off the list price on paperbacks and hardcovers for the classroom.

Just remember that this discount won't be good on gift cards, text books, music, videos, shipping fees, membership, and periodicals.

If you can show state certification that is applicable as a homeschooler, you can get the Classroom Discount Card that offers a 20% discount. This discount is good for materials that you can use for classroom prep and in the classroom. If you don't have certification, talk to the manager for ways to document yourself as a homeschooler.

They offer an Educator Savings Program that offers you a 15% discount on most of their services and products. Simply present your discount card when making a purchase online or in their store.

Half Price Books
You can receive a 10% discount card that can be used at their physical locations. You'll need to provide some kind of identification that shows you are an educator. Cards have to be renewed each year.

Hancock Fabrics
Educator discount cards are offered for 15% of purchases, which is called the Red Apple Card. You can email them for a card or you can get it in the store.

Jo Ann Fabrics
Educators can get a 15% discount card that works online or in the store. It works on sale and regular priced items.

Lakeshore Learning
The Teacher's Club Card they offer offers 15% off most of their teacher resources and it is only valid in the store.

Office Depot
The Office Depot Star Teacher Program offers you 15% off the copy and print services and 5% off on other purchases you make in the store.

Office Max
The MaxPerks for Teachers membership is offered. For every $75 you spend on products that are eligible, you can get $10 off.

Scholastic Book Fairs
Book fairs are not advertised, so you'll need to get online and find their locations. Print out a business card with the name of your school on it, which may be checked.

The Staples Teacher Rewards program offers 2% back on you rewards each quarter. You have to spend $200 or more to get the rewards and you can only earn up to $15 each quarter. Phone and online orders will be delivered free.

UPS Store
You'll have to check with individual stores to find out if they offer discounts for teachers and homeschoolers.

Homeschool Freebies and Rewards

homeschool-discount-02; books on sale Not only can you get a homeschool discount at many stores that offer teacher and classroom supplies, but many other businesses offer great rewards programs, freebies for doing well, and other free homeschooling resources you can use while full time RV living.

Since businesses offer rewards or freebies for doing well in school, often these programs will provide homeschoolers the same rewards as well.

Here is a list of some of the places to look for discounts and free homeschooling resources you can use.

Chuck E Cheese
Tokens for Grades is offered here and kids can get up to 15 tokens with this program at once. They can get 3 tokens for A's, 2 tokens for every B, and a C will get kids one token.

Pizza Hut Book It
Reading goals are set on a monthly basis. To recognize reading accomplishments special rewards are offered by Pizza Hut.

Field Trips

Last, you'll find that often you can get a homeschool discount on field trips as well. In many areas, you'll be able to get the special pricing that is available for schools on field trips. This can include places like concerts, musicals, plays, renaissance, fairs, and more.

Check with homeschooling groups in the local area you are in to find out about these types of programs, which you can find through yahoo groups.

As you can see, there are many great ways to get a homeschool discount and there are many free homeschooling resources out there too. Make the most of the discounts and free resources you can and enjoy your full time RV living.
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